Rottweiler puppy not barking at strangers?

by sebastian

My female rottweiler is not barking at all.

She is 22 weeks old. Her height at the withers is 45cm and she is very active.

But she seems to be friendly to the strangers.

Hi Sebastian
Your Rottweiler is still very young, she’s the equivalent of a teenager (and a young one at that).

You should not expect, or want, her to be barking at people, strangers or not! Rottweilers are not the mean, indiscriminately aggressive dogs that the media make them out to be.

As you are a Rottweiler owner I’d recommend that you read these pages on my website..

Rottweiler Temperament

Rottweiler Behavior

Rottweiler Breed Standard (paying particular attention to the section on Temperament)

These will give you a more realistic idea of what to expect from your pup, and what her temperament SHOULD be – and it sounds as though she’s exactly where she should be right now.

As a guardian breed, your Rottie should have a strong desire to protect her home and family when she’s mature.. but that still doesn’t mean that she will bark/growl or want to bite anyone she doesn’t know! It means that she will use her intelligence, breed characteristics and intuition to decide if a situation is dangerous or if there is a real threat – only THEN will she take any action. This is how it should be.

Rotties are very discerning guard dogs and you must never encourage your pup to be aggressive, or even distrustful of strangers. That will only make her nervous and confused, and could cause her behavior to become unpredictable as you’ll have robbed her of the ability to make her own decisions as to whether or not someone is a threat.

Rottweilers are MUCH more than guard dogs and if this is the only reason you have a Rottie pup I would recommend that you find her a better home where she will be loved and appreciated for her other characteristics and who she is, rather than how big, ‘fierce’ or intimidating she is.

However, if you truly love your pup and want to enjoy her as a beloved companion and friend, just allow her to be herself and to grow and develop as nature intended. Make sure you socialize and train her properly so that she can grow up to fulfill her potential and be happy and healthy.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your pup.

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Aug 07, 2015

regarding Barking NEW
by: ayvan

Rottweiler usually bark after 1year and my rottweiler also did same so don’t worry

May 19, 2012

by: Andy Kalia

I have a 18 month Rottweiler and also thought he did not bark at first, and I also thought he was probably just a softy as he would always walk the long way around dogs he didn’t know/trust. But then as he has grown I have learned and seen how smart, sure and confident the breed is. He does bark now only when the situation or sound is outside of his knowledge. He is definitely “family” orientated as he will always hang on for the slowest dog/person when we walk. And he is definitely protective as he has been very quick to stand up when one of his walking buddies has been under threat from another dog.
I am amazed at how Lucas is and the breed, I do not worry at all now about if he would ever come into his own when he needs to.
And most of all I am so happy that Lucas is loved by all the people he meets and all the dogs that want to be his friend.
If you want to see Lucas doing what he does best (playing that is), check him out on Youtube under andykalia. I have had so much fun uploading all his encounters when we walk and have put them on Youtube to show people what a wonderful dog he is and what an incredible breed the Rottweiler is.

May 19, 2012

understand the breed NEW
by: Girish

Rotties are not a daschund or pom to keep barking ?
neither they are GSD type

generally many dog breed start barking vigourously when they see a stranger. even they run to the door when some one ring the door bell and start barking from inside.

I owned two diff. breeds. and both breeds i found bit similar but diff. too

1) bullmastiff – Buzzy (Bruizer)
he used to give a damn when other dogs bark at him or some one ring the door bell
rather keep lying down. YES when any one from home goto open the door he will surely move fast to be there and make himself stand in between the guest and family.

no barking at all . we hardly heard him barking 🙂

2) Rottweiler (Rocky)
Similar to Buzzy, rocky too dont react to door bell etc. rather when some one ring bell he just get up and see where is family and if some one goto open door he come along and when the door is open he is first to get out and inspect the visitor sniffing. and then come in along with the visitor and place himself near family member.

diff. to notice is if any one other than ringing door bell, knock on door he run fast towards door and place himself beside door.

major diff. to note is after he completed his 16 months or so.. he bark from our balcony when see people standing below and group together. a territorial behaviour

Again no unwanted nuisance of barking etc.

both breed are more think before act type. they have their own intelligence and character to verify before acting. so both breed are bit admant and difficult to train too

If you find a rotty who keep barking and aggressive. understand that that dog is in wrong hand and not bought up properly.

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