Rottweiler puppy licking dust and eating small rocks


I have a small rottie… his like 10 weeks old… he wont stop licking the dust or the walls and what’s more he eats some small rocks…. he was sick and coughing and sneezing.. went to the vet…. gave me some medicines now he’s getting better eating well.. but he won’t stop licking !!!

is that something I should worry about?!


Hi Aladdin
This is something that some puppies and dogs seem to do a lot, and it can be a problem if they actually swallow the rocks! If he swallows a large enough rock it could get lodged in his intestines or stuck in his stomach and cause a blockage which is a veterinary emergency.

Unfortunately it’s impossible to tell your pup to dislike doing this, but you will need to make it more unpleasant for him. Try spraying any walls or large rocks that he is attracted to with Bitter Apple spray, or even smear them with hot-sauce or something he won’t like the taste of.

Other than that it’s really just a matter or preventing him from having free access to rocks, stones and so on. Keep him indoors unless you are able to supervise him, or if he’s outdoors make sure it’s on a grassy area without rocks. You may need to use a pen, or set up some fencing in order to do this.

If you are with him and he starts licking, or picking up rocks, tell him “no” firmly but without shouting or smacking, and remove any rock etc. from his mouth. Then distract him with either one of his toys, a game or something else.

Sometimes puppies grow out of this, and if you can help him to ‘forget’ this habit by preventing him from being able to indulge in it, that will help.

I’m sorry there isn’t a better answer, but I hope you manage to get it under control. Best of luck.

If anyone else has some great ideas that they’ve used or can offer Aladdin some tips, please feel free to use the comments feature below.

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Feb 14, 2011


i had 1 too!!
by: Anas Temsamani

my rottweiler puppy did that too and i stopped it by putting him in a large box which kept him away from rocks and walls !!i do say a big box!

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