Rottweiler puppy colour and bottle feeding newborn puppies

by Cole
(Cape Town, South Africa)

Hi There

My baby had HER FIRST litter of 11 pups, 2 days ago. Only 4 left. Seven pups had died since birth. They all have white patches on their chest is that normal, will their colour change (or what does this mean).

Also the vet advised we not bottle feed and to let nature take it’s course.Told me that bottle feeding wasn’t a good idea. I somehow feel they just wanted nature taking its course. What are the pros & cons about bottle feeding.



Hi Cole
I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of all these puppies, Rottweilers do tend to have big litters and 11 puppies is really too many for a female to deal with without help.

It’s difficult to advise on the bottle feeding situation as I’ve no idea why these puppies have died and if there is some type of congenital abnormality or an illness that is causing this to happen. If for example the pups were born too soon or have a genetic condition that’s incompatible with a normal life, then I can understand the philosophy of ‘letting nature take it’s course’. Although, I’m not certain I would follow it unless there was no hope.

However, if these puppies were born full term, and seem normally developed, and they’re dying because the mom can’t/won’t feed them, or hasn’t got enough milk, etc. then I certainly wouldn’t advise just letting them die! Bottle feeding puppies can be tricky, especially if they’re weak already, but if you can do it successfully it can give them a chance of growing up.

Tube feeding is more effective in sickly or weak puppies, but does have risks involved and you’d need your vet to show you how it’s done. Whether you tube feed or bottle feed, you need to use a milk formula suitable for puppies. You can buy these in powdered form, or ready made, in many stores or can make your own at home. Here’s a link to what I think is the best information on the web about feeding newborn puppies… Bottle Feeding Puppies. It literally tells you everything you need to know.

As for the white patches on the puppies coat, this isn’t exactly ‘normal’ but it does happen. Usually one, or both, of the parent dogs are carrying the genes for this coat variation, and it comes from some of the oldest Rottweiler bloodlines. There used to be more acceptable color variations in coat than there are today, and you can I mention it on my Rottweiler Dogs page and my Rare Rottweilers page.

A few white hairs is acceptable and often disappear as the pup grows, however white ‘patches’ are a disqualifying fault in terms of show conformation.

I hope this info. helps and that these remaining puppies survive. Best of luck.

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Puppy born on 7-6-2015 NEW
by: Polly dobson

On 7-6-2015 I had to put my baby boy Gabe down broke my heart I am looking for a puppy born on the same day with every death there is a birth my email is please share or email me if found a puppy I have been searching my facebook people are searching the more help the better thank you so much

Feb 23, 2015


Puppies health issue NEW
by: Ifran

My rottweiler had her first litter of 7puppiea 2 days ago today in the morning i found 2 dead puppies and one more is gasping now im worried about the others as well…if there anyone who could tell me what is the possible cause of death in these pups…they were healthy and were drinking milk as well…

Feb 10, 2012


wow NEW
by: Avalonia

wow my comment is wow rottweilers r perfect dogs i have 2 one mother and one daughter the mother is going 2 be put done because she has authritus in her legs and cant walk we gonna put her done in a few days the other is always sad and only happy wen a person only cares for her and wen she is in our pool any day……….

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