biting Rottweiler puppy

by Aladdin

I got a rottie he’s now 47 days when I got him he was 41 days old?!! he is my 1st puppy ever.. however i used to take care of my cousin’s adult german! the 1st thing I did with my puppy when he came home that we played tug of war and wrestling games…. so he started to bite, later on by visiting this website I knew that was a mistake ?!!

sometimes his bites really hurts ?!! is there any way I can stop him from biting me ?!! BTW I stopped all these games right away !! now it’s like 2nd day !!!!

Hi Aladdin
A puppy should never leave his momma and littermates so early, 8 weeks is a minimum age for a pup to be going into a new home. One of the problems often seen in puppies who are removed from their canine family too early is excessive biting because they haven’t had a chance to learn bite inhibition or other canine social skills.

By playing tug-of-war and wrestling, you then encouraged him to bite, so it’s not surprising he’s a little piranha fish right now! However, at least you recognize that you made a mistake and are willing to change it, so that’s a big step.

You need to realize that this puppy is a very tiny baby and he’s basically acting on instinct alone right now. I strongly recommend that you read my Stop Puppy Biting page and follow the tips and advice there. Don’t expect an overnight success though, it ALWAYS takes days, usually weeks, to start to see improvement and in your situation it could take longer because your pup is so young and he’s already taken a cue from you to start biting.

You need to be very consistent with him, correct him firmly but lovingly every single time, and be patient. Training takes time. I think my Taking Care Of A Puppy page would be useful for you to read too. It has lots of tips and advice to help you understand puppy care better and give your little guy the best chance of growing up happy and healthy.

Hope this helps. Best of luck with you puppy.

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My beautiful girl Bella is now 8 1/2 months old and is a wonderful loving puppy, however, she is still chewing pretty bad and recently has started to get into things she never bothered before. She is also still mouthing quite a bit when excited.

We have TONS of toys to keep her busy and spend a lot of time training her but we can’t seem to break these two problems, any advice?

Hi Audrey
Although Bella is growing fast and now looks much more ‘grown up’ than she did as a pup, it’s important to remember that Rotties are slow to mature and develop and right now she’s in a stage roughly equivalent to the ‘tween and early-teen’ phase in humans.

During this time it’s very normal for a pup to ‘up the ante’ in terms of challenging authority, testing limits and acting out. Absolutely normal. However, it can definitely be challenging and exhausting for owners :o)

The only thing to do is to continue to correct her firmly but lovingly and to be absolutely consistent about rules and boundaries. She needs to feel secure in her environment and to know that ‘her’ humans are in charge and the rules are not made (or altered) by her!

There is also sometimes another ‘fear period’ at this age which can make a pup suddenly act afraid or nervous around people or places that she was previously comfortable with. It passes given time, and all you need to do is continue to socialize her consistently and in a positive way.

Add to this the fact that she’s probably either just had, or will be having soon, her first ‘season’ or ‘heat cycle’ so her hormones are all ‘out of whack’ and you can see why she is behaving in a very teenage-type way.

Bella is a beautiful girl and it sounds as though overall she’s doing just fine. If you’ve raised kids through the teenage years you’ll already know how to handle this, if not just follow your instincts and be loving but firm with her and she’ll come out the other side a well-balanced and confident adult.

Hope this helps. Best of luck with her.