Rottweiler puppies soiling indoors


by linda

i have 2 20 week old rotweiler pups. They have great natures, but, no matter how many times they are taken out, or how late, they always soil indoors when they are left in the kitchen at night. How do i stop them doing this?

One is male and the other female. Also, are they all really greedy? It does not matter how much they are fed-and they are never given titbits, they jump up, get over excited, and try to steal food if its within reach.

I want to try and fix this problem before they get much bigger. Any help on these 2 topics would be appreciated.

Hi Linda
Housebreaking a puppy is one of the biggest challenges for new owners and it’s important to prevent ‘accidents’ indoors in order not to build up bad habits.

It doesn’t sound as though you’re using a crate to contain your pups and this is a very important part of housetraining. Puppies don’t understand that they’re not supposed to pee/poop indoors, even if they are taken out regularly, and every time they do they are reinforcing this unwanted behavior.

By this age your pups should have reasonable bladder/bowel control and it’s not that they CAN’T ‘hold it’, it’s that they don’t realize they SHOULD. Dogs are den animals and have a strong desire not to mess where they sleep, that’s why puppy crate training is so effective. It not only protects your flooring (and sanity!), but it also helps them build better control of their bladder/bowels and learn the right habits by only eliminating where they’re supposed to.

A combination of using the crate, regular potty breaks, and close supervision indoors when not crated is the best way to get your puppies to be clean indoors. With consistent, correct training a pup is usually fairly reliable by about 6 months of age. But if you’ve got some bad habits started, it could take a little longer.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your puppies.

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Jan 27, 2017


toilet training NEW
by: Anonymous I have a rotten, he is 2 now. He was easy to toilet train, he never has or been in a crate. I used to give his last feed at around 5 pm. Then made sure he went out until he had pooped. Usually around the 30 minute.
every time he was let out to use the toilet, as he started to pee, I told him ‘have a wee’, now he goes to command. He was and still is rewarded with a small treat and loads of praise.

Also when working with food his or ours, he was told to go to his bed, when I finished doing what I was doing, he was rewarded with a small treat and lots of praise. Now he automatically goes to his bed.
hope this helps.
enjoy training, as you not only train you pups, but you also train yourself. Be consistent.


Jan 26, 2017


peeing and pooping in the crate. defective pup NEW

Jul 29, 2015


My Rottweiler Puppy Pees and Poops inside more then outside help! NEW
by: Anonymous My 6 month old Rottweiler female is peeing in her crate she wakes up and has soiled her bed in her crate. I have had her for 3 weeks now . I even bought her a bed and she has soiled that as well.
I take her out a lot and after she drinks water I take her right out. She will even poop or pee on the way outside. It will be on the stairs. I love her so much. I am a new at this but I do not know what I am doing wrong. She even pees or poops on our outside deck and not the grass. Please help me with advise.

Jul 17, 2015


Going pee in her sleep NEW
by: Anonymous Hi Everyone,

I have a nine week old puppy. The firs two days she was home we had no accidents in the house. Know I take her out to go pee and she goes to sleep and when no go and get her she is soaking wet. She is peeping in her sleep. Does anyone lithe have any suggestions as to what it can be?

Jan 08, 2015


urinating NEW
by: Gwen i have a 13 weeks old rottie, who goes outside to wee, when we are out he is able to go outside, and the house is clean on our return, but he will wee in the house when we are home, even though the back door is open. Any help and/or advise would be great, to try and help out rottie become house trained.

Jun 03, 2014


My female 7 month old Roxy WILL NOT pee or poop outside??? NEW
by: Meg Hi, My Rottweiler is 7 months old and will not pee or poop outside. We take her for long walks and she still won’t go. She was trained with Pee Pads and has done pretty well with this. The pads are in the kitchen and she seemed to catch on quick with where to go. There are times she pees or poops in the kitchen but not on the pads. Lately, she has been going upstairs in one of the bathrooms, my daughters room, or computer area. She’s a beautiful dog with a wonderful personality and temperament. She very loyal and loving and adores my two girls, 8 and 10. She LOVES kids! I really need help with the potty training issues. The puddles are flooding my kitchen! I know now that we should have crate trained. Please help me.

Jun 05, 2013


incontinence NEW
by: Granmum I have a 10 month old rottweiler female from the age of 9 weeks, she has soiled in her crate and house from day one, I have had a dog trainer come to the house every week for 3 months but to no avail, I take her out every 2 hours but she still urinates and soils in the house, even though she is doing her toileting outside as well, i take her out at 2am then again at 7am then every 2 hour through out the day, so far today she has been out 4 times for a walk but has urinated up the hall and stairs, urinated all over the kitchen floor and urinated all over her bedding in her bed, I have had to have my carpets professionally cleaned 3 times now in the last 6 months, I have read all the books,had her to the vets for urine tests and blood tests and a scan on her kidneys and they have shown no medical problems, i’m on the verge of getting rid as i’m pulling my hair out as this is a daily occurance urinating in the house up to 5/6 times a day I cannot cope any more, please does anyone have any advice!!!!!

Nov 08, 2010


potty training
by: Anonymous i have a 15 week old rotty and she is now crate trained and she sleeps in the crate at night then first thing in the morning she right out side and ever since i got the crate theres been not even one mishap in the house a crate is a great thing

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