Rottweiler pup crying/whining for no reason ?

by Ashley pirie
(London, ont)

Hello my female 18 month Rottweiler is making the noise they make when she is hurt…all the time. I have a male dotty boxer that she plays pretty rough with but friendly rough. So I’m wondering if she was hurt playing.

My husband and I inspect her. Move her legs, bend her joints touch her all over to see what it is. She just started to limp. But at the same time still wants to play. It seems anytime you put any force on her she whimpers. Even cleaning the eye boogies off her she made the noise. She looks fine but….she is my little baby girl so I do worry.

She Is changing she’s becoming more affectionate wanting to cuddle. No complaints there. Can you think of what this whimpering thing is caused by??

Thank you…
A concerned mom.

Hi Ashley
I would strongly recommend that you get your pup examined by your own veterinarian as soon as you can. It’s not normal for a pup to be so distressed and it’s a sign that something is wrong. Even the extra-affection could be due to the fact that she’s in pain and upset and scared.

Rottweilers are big, clumsy pups and it’s perfectly possible that she’s hurt herself somehow, somewhere. Only a vet can make a professional diagnosis and figure out what’s wrong so that she can get the treatment she needs.

You obviously love her very much, so please get her the help she needs asap. Best of luck, hope she’s doing much better soon.

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