Rottweiler Mixes

I was just wondering if Rottweiler mixes are more or less prone to health conditions and if the mixing makes a big difference when it comes to their attitude and eating habits and so on.

This is a bit tricky to answer as there are so many variables involved!

There can be huge variations between dogs of the same breed, and once you add other breeds with their own characteristics and traits into the mix, it’s pretty much ‘pot luck’.

Genetics can be unpredictable, although with a first-generation cross (between 2 purebred dogs) at least you know the pups will be half of each so to speak. But there are no guarantees as to exactly which genes/characteristics will be dominant.

I’m not an expert in the area of genetics or of mixed breed dogs I’m afraid, but in terms of health mixed breeds are often more sound and have less problems than purebred dogs. If you’re looking a mix of Rottweiler and ‘?’ , I would suggest that the ‘?’, be a breed that doesn’t share the same predispositions such as hip problems, joint issues and so on.

For example, both German Shepherds and Rottweilers are at risk of hip dysplasia, so mixing these two breeds wouldn’t help reduce those chances.

In terms of character and personality, you wouldn’t want to mix a breed which tends to be ‘nervy’ or highly strung (like a Border Collie), with a dog that has strong guarding or protective instincts, such as a Rottweiler. Big guardian breeds need to have strong nerves and be very ‘steady’, obviously in this sort of mix you could end up with a more volatile, and less safe, result.

Of course, that doesn’t mean to say that a mix such as this is ‘doomed’ or couldn’t make good pets etc., but I wouldn’t recommend it because of the possibilities for problems.

I’d also stay away from mixing breeds that are very different in size and construction, because you can end up with ‘structural’ health issues. For example, mixing a large with a small breed has problems (apart from the obvious ones) as the pups may not end up with body parts that are a good ‘fit’….

I don’t mean a Frankenstein-type monster, but perhaps a dog with a heavy body and very short legs which could lead to hip/shoulder/elbow joint problems etc. It’s all a bit of a guessing game really.

A well-bred purebred pup will look and act like it’s supposed to, and you can minimize the specific health problems associated with any breed by choosing a good, reputable breeder who has done the necessary health tests on their breeding dogs. But there are no guarantees I’m afraid.

Mixed breeds are an unknown quantity, but they’re definitely not inferior and make excellent pets and companions too.

I wish I could be more specific for you, but I hope this helps a bit. I wish you the best of luck with your puppy search.

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