Rottweiler limping and wetting bed at night

by Cyndi
(Orange County)

I have a 5 year old female rotti (not fixed) who seemed to have troubling peeing. Now she’s fine but is wetting her bed in her kennel at night and is not putting much weight on her rear left leg.

She seems to be in the same mood as usual, nub wagging, wet nose, wants to play.

Could it be a pulled muscle issue? Any ideas? Thank you

Hi Cyndi
I’d really recommend that you get your girl seen by your veterinarian right away. I’m not a vet myself so I can only guess at what’s happening, but I doubt it’s a pulled muscle.

I’d guess perhaps some nerve problem though.. it may be a trapped or pinched nerve or something like that. If the limp and loss of bladder control started at around the same time then they’re likely related, if not they could be two totally separate conditions and the urination could be due to a bladder infection.

Either way she needs help right away so please get her to your vet. I wish you the best of luck and hope she’s doing much better soon.

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