Rottweiler ‘hyperness’

hi my name is jayne i e.mailed you for some advice on my puppy girl hyperness.

i meant to say i got her at 9 weeks old, she is now 6 mths you gave me some good advice i know you must be careful with their joints sorry about the age mess up will she calm down with age?

she just loves every one and wants to jump on them and lick them and also she will only go toilet in my garden nowhere else. i take her out 2-3 times a day and i tell her wee wee but she will hold it to she comes home.

thank you

Hi Jayne
I didn’t realize from your earlier post that your Rottweiler was already 9 months old, but a lot of what I said will still apply anyway.

Although she’s not a tiny puppy, she IS still a pup and will have higher energy levels and be a lot more playful than an older, more mature adult dog.

However by now, jumping up on people shouldn’t be a problem and if she’s still doing it you need to train her not to. Make sure you correct her verbally every single time she jumps, and get all 4 feet back on the floor quickly. I’d recommend using your leash as a way to prevent jumping – a quick, sharp ‘pop’ on the leash combined with a verbal ‘No jump!’ should be used together.

If you have visitors coming, put her leash on even if you’re indoors and whenever they arrive be ready to use the leash-pop correction on your pup. It’s also important to reward the behavior you want, as well as correcting the behavior you don’t want.

To do this, give your pup the correction, then have her ‘sit’ and when she’s sitting give her a treat and some praise. Encourage people to correct her verbally and to ask her to sit BEFORE they pet her or greet her. Dogs are creatures of habit and they need you to be consistent when training them.

And yes…. she will settle down and become less energetic as she grows. But Rottweilers take a long time to reach adulthood and it’s important to train them while they’re young as they retain bad habits/behavior just as easily as they retain the good ones :o)

Best of luck with her.

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Sep 20, 2010


hyper love bug
by: samantha

my rottweiler Isis is over 2 years old and she still gets extremely hyper around people wanting to lick them and be pet by them. we are still trying to train her not to jump up on people and give kisses. i think it just takes time and constant training although it does not seem she will ever stop being a huge love bug.
Good luck

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