Rottweiler girl’s 1st Season

by Ged Whopples

My 9 month old Jess has come into season for the first time, I have never kept a bitch before, how long can I expect things to last.

She has been spotting now for 12 days, it’s been a nightmare…help

Hi Ged
Yes, this is the second main disadvantage of keeping an intact female.. the first being an accidental mating and unexpected puppies!

Usually a dog’s season lasts between 2 and 3 weeks, but the first one can be unpredictable. It could be shorter, or longer, or she could have two very close together.

To minimize the mess you can buy doggie diapers for her to wear around the house. Some dogs won’t tolerate them at all, but many will. Or keep her confined to your kitchen, laundry room or sun room, somewhere with an easy-to-clean floor is best.

Also, make sure you keep an eye on her whenever she’s outside in your yard, male dogs will get her scent very easily and come from near and far!

Unless she is intact for a good reason, you may want to think about spaying her as it will eliminate this problem. Hope this helps, best of luck.

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Mar 20, 2012

Thanks NEW
by: Ged

Thanks for the advice, it is our intention to get her sorted at the vets, we have been advised by our vet that we have to wait for at least three months after the end of her season….here’s hoping

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