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by abhishek

I bought a 1 month rottweiler but guys say that it is very dangerous, it can even attack his owner is this right ?

Hi Abhishek
What this person is telling you is the result of inaccurate information and the sensationalist attitude of the media and other groups towards certain breeds of dogs.

I’d first of all suggest that you read the pages on my site that discuss the Rottweiler breed, it’s history, temperament and so on. Start with Are Rottweilers Dangerous? and then also read Rottweiler Temperament, Rottweiler Behavior and Rottweiler Dogs. Those pages will give you a better understanding of this wonderful breed, and what to expect from your pup.

You may also enjoy Rottweiler Videos page as it shows the different sides of the Rottweiler character and abilities.

Well bred and properly raised Rotties make excellent pets and are loving, loyal, intelligent and protective. If you raise that puppy of yours properly he will be a great companion and has the potential to be the best dog you ever owned.

My website has tons of pages on taking care of a Rottie pup and you should be able to find all the help, tips and advice that you need.

I hope this has put your mind at rest and wish you the very best of luck with that adorable puppy.

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