Rottweiler Aggression – female Dobie and female Rottie fighting

by Joshua

I have two rotties M & F and a female Doberman in my house, the dobie is 3 yrs old and the rotties are 19 months old, there were no problem until last month one day my female rottweiler humped the Doberman at that time the dobie showed some aggression and it became into a serious fight.

I couldn’t do anything so it was really hard to separate them at that time. after that it was normal no problems happened,
Yesterday again my dobie used to play with the rotties by biting it’s head (not real biting just play biting). yesterday when the dobie was playing like that then suddenly the rottweiler started a serious fight with the Doberman again i was helpless i rushed near them with a bucket of water and gave a big splash on both of them then only they stopped fighting.

But today Sunday it was really nightmare , my dad unchained all three as he usually does, and saw the two females fighting again so he woke me and said come quickly the dogs are fighting really badly, when i saw them both i was really shocked, both were muddy and panting heavily finally separated them and saw both were covered with blood, wound, punctures all over the face
and the Doberman was severely injured . I gave them first aid and informed a vet .

The vet came evening and saw it and gave some dose for both. and said he will come tomorrow , but he couldn’t say anything about this sudden change of behavior. and also gave a lotion to apply in wounds.
*when the 1st time this happened both were in the beginning of heat period.

*now in India its summer temperature are rising more than 95 degrees here will that affect the dogs?

*or is that the same story of that “same sex dogs will fight” IS THAT TRUE.

*the male rottie is normal doing nothing watching them fight

Please let me know why is this happening , what should i do to avoid this in future, And i’m also sorry for mailing u such a big mail. help me out here because i’m really shaken because of this incident, i didn’t even go to church because of this incident . I even came to a decision like no more dogs in this house in future, and even planned to give them for adoption (which i’m not going to do now). give me an idea on this matter.


Hi Joshua
I’m sorry to hear what’s happening, I know how scary it is when two big adult dogs are fighting and they can most definitely inflict some serious damage – even death in extreme cases.

The heat may be playing a part in their behavior, but from my personal knowledge and experience I would say that the main problem is that you have three adult dogs, two of the same sex, and all of them strong-willed guardian breeds. It IS true that often two dogs of the same sex will begin to have conflicts once they are adolescents or adults – even if they’ve been raised together without incident.

Unfortunately once it starts, it usually gets worse rather than better, and given what you’ve experienced over the last few days I would most definitely NOT allow these two dogs to be together as they’ve clearly demonstrated that they are combative with each other and willing to fight. So far you’ve been able to separate them, but it’s perfectly possible that the next time you won’t be able to – you could even get hurt trying.

This doesn’t make either of these dogs ‘bad’ or indiscriminately aggressive, they are simply behaving in a natural canine way, but it isn’t safe or desirable behavior. You could try talking with a professional dog trainer and see if there is anything you can do within your family structure to improve the situation, but I really think you need to either keep these two apart indefinitely, or find a new home for one of them.

The male isn’t involved right now, and hopefully it will stay that way as he doesn’t have another male to fight with. However, sometimes when two dogs are fighting, any other dog/s in the area decide to ‘join in’ when the pack instinct takes over. Usually it then becomes two (or more) dogs against one, and tragedy can ensue.

Both the female Doberman and the female Rottweiler are likely to be fine with other dogs of the opposite sex, so if it’s at all possible I would suggest trying to find a good, responsible home for one of them – but make sure the people are used to these breeds and able to take care of them properly.

I am sorry to have to give you bad news like this, but for the safety of all of you (dogs and humans) I honestly think it is the best course of action. I do wish you all the very best of luck and hope things work out okay.

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Oct 08, 2016


Females in heat NEW
by: Anonymous

I think the key to the puzzle of why these two dogs are fighting is the fact that they are in heat. They are now competing for the male. When having two dogs of the same sex spaying would be key and if you plan to keep the animals intact then only one of each sex would be possible.

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