Rottweiler 4 months Female


by Tina


I attached pictures of my female rott. She’s 4 months old. and I’m really worried her head is going to stay small, i saw her parents and they have normal sized heads. does she look like a pure breed to you? and is her head going to fill out a bit more when she gets older? and is her nose too pointy? please let me know!


Hi Tina
From what I can see your Rottweiler looks to be purebred and she’s a great looking dog!

Her size, build, head and coloring are all very good and I don’t think her head is too small or her muzzle too pointed.

For some reason new Rottie owners seem to be very obsessed with their pups’ size/looks/head… and I think perhaps they forget that their pup is a baby and that Rottweilers are very slow to grow and mature. A pup isn’t going to have the same proportions etc. as an adult dog and size/head shape/coloring etc. is mostly due to genetics, but diet, exercise and proper health care allow a pup to mature to its’ full potential. Whatever that potential is, a Rottweiler is a gorgeous dog and is much more than just the outside ‘package’ or head size/shape etc.

Rottweilers are amazing dogs outside and INSIDE and you’ll just need to give her lots of love, attention, proper training and take good care of her and then be patient. She will mature into a beautiful dog I’m sure as she’s a lovely pup.

Hope this helps, best of luck with that adorable girl.

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Oct 20, 2011


by: Tina

Hey, Thanks for the comments, she ended up having hip dysplasia which she got surgery for, and is doing much better now.


Oct 20, 2011


She looks pure rottweiler
by: Anonymous

Looks just like my rottweiler Kyra shes AKC so i know she is pure breed!! She is 4 months old now and to the comment that is talking about how you THINK the dog is an outdoor dog what if she is just taking the pictures outside? Ever think of that smart one?

I only take pictures of my lovely dogs outside because the light is better and they are more happy outside so the pictures come out wonderful.

I love your rottie i hope she is doing well!

Sep 13, 2010


She looks great
by: Rott’n Mom


Never fear, your beautiful baby will grow up to be a wonderful example of the love and training you build into her. Having been owned by a long line of both AKC and rescue Rotts you are in for a whole lotta best friend. Be forewarned, they are lap dogs, learners and very comfortable foot rests 🙂

Rott’n Mom … now being loved, mauled, kissed and greeted by a 10 month old ‘Annie’ posted on this site.

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