Rottie Urinating Frequently… Urine Culture Report?

by Himanshu

Chippy recently started urinating frequently. She is now a year old and is on food and supplements from Artemis, Solid Gold, Canidae etc.

Can you advise what is wrong with her and if it is treatable? The vet has advised that we should put her on a home-made diet. How can i send her report to you?



Hi Himanshu
I’m afraid I’m not a veterinarian so I wouldn’t be much help in terms of professional advice or interpreting a urine analysis.

If she’s urinating a lot, and sometimes it’s just a drop or two, and she seems to need to go urgently, then chances are she has a urinary tract infection. These are actually pretty common, especially in younger, female dogs. Your vet should be able to diagnose this if it’s the case and antibiotics normally clear it up very quickly. There are other possibilities too including kidney problems, bladder stones and so on. Again, only a vet can make an accurate diagnosis.

If you’d like a second opinion or professional evaluation from an online vet (who is much better qualified to answer your question than I am in this situation), then I’d suggest checking out my Ask A Vet A Question page. It’s quick and very cost-effective.

Best of luck, I hope Chippy is doing much better soon.

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