Rottie throwing up :(


My husband and I adopted a 1.5 year old Rottweiler a little over three weeks ago. We love her so much; she is such a good dog! She took a few days to start eating entire meals, and then had a healthy appetite and good digestion for about 2.5 weeks.

This past Friday we drove four hours to another city, and everything seemed ok with her during the drive, and after. Saturday night, she threw-up her food. So we fed her a little less on Sunday, and once again she seemed ok with completely normal behaviour. We drove another 4 hours on Sunday to get back home. It is now Tuesday early in the morning, and she threw-up her dinner from last night.

Do you think it has to do with the stress of the travel? That is the only thing that changed over the last few days, and she hasn’t eaten anything weird.

Thanks, Jess 🙂

Hi Jess,
If your girl seems fine in every other way it could well be the stress/anxiety of the trip that’s triggered her vomiting. If she’s been eating her regular food during the trip and is otherwise healthy then it shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

However, if she continues to vomit, or seems sick in any way then I would recommend having your vet check her out to make sure she hasn’t picked up some kind of infection, parasite or whatever, on her journeys.

Good luck, hope she’s 100% soon.

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Apr 23, 2017

sick dog NEW
by: Ava

so me and my family wet on vacation and my dog was fine when we got back a week later my rot was sick he would not stop hacking yesday is when something started to come up ever since then we can not go 5 mins without him throwing up what do we do. could this just be him being sick are is this something much bigger? what do you think I should do about my dog. do you think he might have to be put down?

Sep 03, 2016

Help please NEW
by: Anonymous


I have a 1 yr old rottie just recently at night when shed put un her crate she instantly vomitd shed finr all day plays eats sleeps this just happens when shed put to bed every night were at a loss as to whats goin on

Dec 16, 2015

Nice NEW
by: Anonymous

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Jun 30, 2015

throwing up NEW
by: Steve

My 4 year old Rotty has been throwing up every since my 20 month old was born but he only seems to do it when we leave him at home or in the middle of the night right next to her toys. Occasionally he has thrown up his food in front of us after eating. This overnight thing is becoming consistent so we are going to put his food up at night now. Does this really have anything to do with my daughter and jealousy?

Apr 16, 2015

Zeus NEW
by: Rebecca

Zeus is about 2 years old I just got him my neighbors were going to move but couldn’t take him they were going to take him to the pound so I took him in he’s been throwing up twice a day I’m really concerned he’s really well mannered and play full and talkative but after eating few hours he throws up we had a bad morning and he could here my neighbors dog barking for 3 hours straight it was the previous owner they were moving out and he could see them from the window and cried and whimpered would the stress of all that make him puke 3 days 2 times a day ??????

Jan 08, 2015

Dottie vomting NEW
by: Anonymous

My rott eats well but he eats anything and everything then vomits it up why does he feel he has to eat everything that isn’t dog food.

Oct 01, 2014

Throwing up? NEW
by: Veronica

My rottie just turned 1 yr old. She get 2 cups of high end kibble in the morning and 2 cups in the eve. A few months ago she started throwing up about an hour or two after her meal. She appears fine and alert. So I waited till eve to feed her to let her tummy rest. I fed her only 1/2 c kibble to see if anything happen. Was good. So next morning fed her 2 c. And again vomit. So again at dinner 1/2 c. And all was good. The next morning I broke down her 2 c breakfast into 4 -1/2 c servings over a 3 hr time frame. And all was good. So I did the same for eve meal. Gradually over a few weeks we worked back to regular feeding. Because very difficult to feed 8 x a day :). We’ll a few months have passed and she is vomiting again. I have not changed her food and not excercising after meal.

Nov 18, 2013

throwing up NEW
by: Anonymous

my boy is 11 months old we had some trouble like that as he got older.found out he was eating his food to fast and it wasn’t settling on him.
The vet had me use a brick in his dish to slow his eating down.have had no problems since. It was funny hr had never ate to fast then all at once did.but we too had trouble traveling with him before the brick. no harm trying it then .but i also agree it wouldn’t hurt to have a vet check her.

Oct 03, 2013

Thanks NEW
by: Jess

Thanks for all the suggestions!

She stopped throwing up and is eating again. We fed her smaller meals three times yesterday. She did wake up in the middle of the night and had to go outside with a bout of diarhea. *Sigh*. Here’s to hoping she goes back to regular today! She is acting completely normal in every other way, so we’ll see what happens today.

Oct 02, 2013

Dog throws up after meals NEW
by: Martha

I found that if my Rott drinks a lot of water right after her meals she is more likely to throw up. So, we feed her half of her daily amount twice a day so she has smaller meals (big dogs are less likely to suffer from bloat with small meals), and I just give her about a cup of water for about an hour after her meal. Later, I fill her water bowl because it’s important for her to have all the water she wants – just not right after she eats. It’s also best if your baby doesn’t exercise vigorously for about an hour or two after a meal. Good luck!

Oct 02, 2013

Vomiting NEW
by: Cheryl

Our Boof (aloof) had a similar problem. He seemed to vomit more at early hours of the morning. After many vet bills later, we found that he needed to be fed differently. He went too long from dinner to the next meal and it upset his stomach. We were very strict about feeding guidelines (how much) as we know this breed does not benefit from overfeeding. Now we have auto feeder that feeds him smaller amounts more times a day. Also at dinner time we feed half at 6 and then the other half at 8. I hope this helps others.

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