Rottie suddenly acts scared and unaware of family

by Margie
(Clemson, SC)

2 year old female American Rottweiler. Always loving, playful, and very gentle. Today acted like she didn’t recognize my husband or myself, until long hand sniffing and re-acquaintance. Then she continued to behave strangely, as if scared of every movement or noise.

She usually runs to drink water as it’s being filled. She ran to the opposite corner and hid until the water hose was put away. She usually loves to walk on her leash. She just kept laying down, and jumping backwards.

She doesn’t appear to have any physical injuries, but she is definitely not herself. She is still very sweet, but seems unsure of everyone and everything. HELP!!!

Hi Margie. I’m sorry that this submission seemed to slip under my radar. Obviously some time has passed now and hopefully this situation has resolved itself entirely.

Sometimes a dog can get scared by something and it’s enough to knock them off balance entirely. They’re skittish and anxious and just not themselves. Usually this is short-lived and they regain their usual confidence pretty quickly.

It’s always possible that pain or distress is causing the problem. Rottweilers have a high pain tolerance, so it’s not always clear when they’ve hurt themselves. Sometimes a hurt Rottie will act strangely, but not necessarily as if in pain.

Hope all is well now. ~ Sue

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Aug 07, 2015

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Aug 03, 2015

Sorry for your loss NEW
by: Anonymous

I know how hard it is to loose your pet whom is a big part of your family. I am very sorry for your loss.

Apr 30, 2015

Sorry NEW
by: Deanna

So sorry that she didn’t make it.

Apr 06, 2015

Sorry NEW
by: Suria

May her soul Rest in peace. :'(

Mar 02, 2015

She didn’t make it. NEW
by: Margie

YoNa started out acting strangely, then yesterday had a seizure. She seemed blind, and somewhat paralyzed. We couldn’t find any ER vet open or available. She didn’t last out the night. I can only assume she had a brain tumor or something similar, but she died in her sleep. She was the best, sweetest Rottie I have ever owned. She was, and is forever, an Angel.

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