Rottie pup wants to eat everything

by sylvia
(schererville, in, lake)

My 5 month old rottie wants to eat everything, he ate a wing bone and now he seems like he can’t go to the bathroom, what can I do?

Hi Sylvia
Puppies do indeed want to eat everything and it’s very important to puppy-proof your home and yard as much as possible to prevent them from hurting themselves by ingesting something dangerous.

However, it’s almost impossible to prevent every single ‘dietary indiscretion’, and most of the time the odd things a puppy may eat pass through and ‘out the other end’ without too much trouble. Of course something that’s poisonous/toxic, large, sharp, heavy or likely to tangle up (such as string/ribbon etc.) is risky.

If your pup isn’t able to poop in spite of straining, or if he shows any signs of being in pain or distress (excessive panting, whining, shaking and so on), then you need to have him examined by a veterinarian right away.

Sometimes whatever the pup has swallowed gets stuck in the intestines or colon, and this is a medical emergency. A wing bone should be able to pass through, but it could have splintered or got lodged somewhere, so if in doubt consult your vet. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Best of luck, hope he’s doing better soon.

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