rottie pup coat length


by sam

i bought a girl puppy seen the mum but not the dad.

they said the dad had long hair, how long will my puppys’ hair get, and what are some good girl dogs names thanks??

Hi Sam
From what I can see your pups’ coat doesn’t seem long or ‘fuzzy’, but of course that can change as she grows and matures.

Rottweilers don’t (or shouldn’t) have long hair, their coat is short and smooth, although some bloodlines tend to have longer, thicker hair as puppies. If she’s purebred Rottweiler (ie both her parents were registered as purebred Rottweilers), then I wouldn’t expect her hair to be much beyond normal. Take a look at some of the other pages on this site including my Rottweiler Breed Standard and Rottweiler Dogs to see how a Rottie should look.

If her parents were mixed breeds though, even one of them, then it’s impossible to say for sure what traits she will carry and develop as she grows. However, she looks beautiful, her coloring is great, and I’m sure she will have the intelligence and loyalty of a Rottweiler so appreciate and love her for who she is.

Check out my Rottweiler Names page for tons of great names. Also, I noticed you’d submitted another question about the fact that she hasn’t pooped yet. …. don’t worry too much about that yet as new pups often don’t poop for a day or so, may lose their appetite and sleep a lot. It’s generally just a reaction to the stress of moving to a new home. However, do have your vet check her out to make sure that she’s totally healthy asap.

Best of luck with her.

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Nov 26, 2014


Rottweiler coat length NEW
by: Joyce Summers The correct coat for a rottweiler is a medium length coarse coat. It is not correct to have the short flat and very often soft coat. Long coats are suspected at about 6 to 7 weeks, and continue to grow. Long coats should never be bred from.

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