Rock eating Rott

by Manuel Sijo


I found my 4 month old male rott puppy eating small rock or stone why it’s happening? How can i stop.

Feeding food with salt is harm for Dogs?

Raw food is good or bad?

Hi Manuel
Some dogs like to eat rocks, stones, sticks…. all sorts of things – but it’s definitely not good for them. If your dog swallows rocks he’s risking an intestinal obstruction or internal injury of some sort.

It’s rarely due to a dietary deficiency or anything like this, is more just a bad habit. The only thing to do is to supervise your dog when he’s outside and keep him away from areas where there are rocks/stones for him to eat.

As for the feeding issues, avoid salt, sugar, artificial colors, flavors, fillers and so on. The simplest thing is to find a good, premium dog food that contains all the nutrients your dog needs. However, a raw diet or homemade diet can also be good, as long as you construct it to contain all the necessary nutrients.

As you’re in India, I’d recommend that you check out this page Feed Program For Overseas as it has all the info. you need. Best of luck with your dog.

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