Right Age to start Traiing for Rottweiler puppy by external trainer

by Girish Nair
(Kalyan, India)

The basic training started from first day
like potty training, Commands like Sit, Come etc

Current update about puppy…..

will be 3 months on this 6th August 2010.

First two shots of vaccination completed.

My question is at what age one must get an external trainer to train rottie ?

I was planning to start after 6 months as by that time he will be more physically fit to do exercise with better joints and even more better occupied with immunity

advise me?

Hi Girish
There isn’t any age exact age by which you MUST get your Rottweiler trained professionally. If you are able to do so it’s much better to attend dog training classes (or set up individual at-home training sessions with a professional dog trainer), and handle your dog yourself. It helps to strengthen the bond and communication between you and your dog.

Rottweilers grow big and strong very quickly, and I’d recommend getting started with the more formal (or professional) training just as soon as your pup has had all his puppy vaccinations. The socialization aspect of training with other dogs and pups is also an important aspect of this activity.

Basic obedience training classes shouldn’t put any excess stress on his growing bones/joints, but I’d recommend waiting for him to finish growing before starting on more strenuous activities such as Agility classes and so on.

Hope this helps, best of luck with that adorable pup.

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Aug 02, 2010


by: Girish

thanks for the advise.

just basic obedience is what even I am planning till he grow min. 8 months

as on now he is just going to complete his 3rd month on this august 6th 2010.

still weighing at 22 lbs .. so just concentrating now on his growth and proper weight gain

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