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by Anonymous
(South Africa)

Hi, we are in the process of buying a rottie puppy, we will get him when he is about 7-8 weeks old, we also have a female jack russel whom we love as if she was our child. my concern is whether the rottie and my female jack russel will get along, and whether the rottie will hurt her ..she is a very loving dog and will probably want to play all the time with the male rottie.

Are these two breeds a good combination? and is the opposite sex combination the best way to go? my boyfriend has grown up with rotties, i on the other hand have had no experience with them, so i am a bit nervous because of what everyone hears of that breed.

i have read all your pages regarding rotties, but it was just this question above i have now.


When raised around other dogs or cats, a Rottweiler pup is just like any other puppy and will want to love, spend time with, and emulate the older dog…. even if he/she is much smaller!

Of course, with the size differential between a Rottweiler and a Jack Russell, the possibility of the pup accidentally hurting the terrier is always going to be there, but chances are good that this sort of incident will be isolated and minor. Rottweiler puppies aren’t huge and the older dog will show the pup ‘who’s boss’, do be extra careful as your Rottie grows into an adolescent though as they can be a bit clumsy and un-coordinated at that time.

I’d definitely recommend getting a male pup as you already have a female dog as two dogs of the opposite sex are much less likely to have conflicts as they mature. Also having both dogs spayed or neutered will help.

Rottweilers are amazing dogs – loving, loyal, goofy, protective and very intelligent. Don’t allow yourself to be misled by the stories you hear about the breed. They’re simply dogs, not monsters and not angels, and your puppy will just be a puppy not a ROTTWEILER – give him lots of love, attention and loving discipline and he will grow up to be your best friend.

Do make sure that you read my Choosing A Rottweiler Breeder page and take the time to do your research before choosing a pup. Buying a pup who is healthy both temperamentally and physically, and who comes from a responsible breeder whose dogs have had the appropriate health screenings is the biggest thing you can do to ensure a happy relationship and a great companion.

Hope this helps, I wish you the best of luck with your new puppy.

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Nov 08, 2010


by: Anonymous

i have had rottys all my life and had three of my own ri raised them with my 5 children and let me tell ya there wonderful i would own any other breed although i have once till he died a german shepherd and always went back to owning a rotty there loving and always wanna be loved so loyal and caring and if you want a lifetime best friend you’ll have one with a rotty.. have fun and enjoy your bundle of joy oh anther thing i have notice with them is the males are more loyal to a male and a female is more loyal to the female

Nov 06, 2010


response to your feedback
by: Anonymous

thanks so much for your feedback! feel much more at ease now, we have a male pup that we have paid a deposit for, we want to go visit the breeders soon though and i will take my checklist you have on your page with to make sure they are good breeders!

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