puppy water consumption

i have a 4 month old female rottweiler. it seems she cannot get enough water. she is constantly looking for and drinking water when it is available in the house and when we are out walking. she is about 30lbs – perhaps on the small side but has healthy appetite.

Is it normal that they drink a lot of water? how much is normal? should fresh water be available all day or just with meals? her current water intake also results in a lot of pee breaks and accidents still in the house. she can sleep through the night in her crate without a break until morning.

All dogs are different, so it’s difficult to say how much is too much when it comes to water!

Some pups seem to drink gallons, others are disinterested at best, most of the time it’s simply an individual preference but there are some health conditions that can cause excessive thirst so I’d definitely recommend that you discuss this with your vet and have him run tests if he thinks it necessary.

Urinary tract infections and diabetes can cause a pup to drink A LOT of water, and of course lots of water in means lots of water out – with the corresponding potty problems. Fresh water should be available to her at all time, except in the late evening and overnight.

I pick up my dogs (and pups) water bowls by 7pm and that way they can empty their bladders before bedtime. If your pup can ‘hold it’ all night you can extend the ‘pick up’ time until 8pm or a bit later, but if she has a full bladder for hours at night that alone could lead to a UTI as bacteria can grow in the urine when it’s held too long.

As long as she seems happy and healthy otherwise, I wouldn’t worry too much about this, but do mention it to your vet and have her checked out to be on the safe side.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your pup.

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Feb 03, 2016


Thank you this help me my puppy cnt get enough of water.. NEW
by: Randy

I:ve spoken to his vet about the thirst for water,she tells me after he make 4mths and the thirst continuance let her know..

Jun 11, 2015


Review NEW
by: Anonymous

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Jul 06, 2010


Thanks GoldenGirl
by: Sue from A Love Of Rottweilers

Thanks for sharing your experience, that’s a valuable piece of information and it’s something to keep in mind if you do happen to have a pup who is an excessive drinker.

As you say, it rarely happens, and most times there’s nothing to worry about, however it’s something that’s worth remembering.


Jun 28, 2010


by: GoldenGirl

When my golden retreiver was littlw she would drink as much as a gallon and a half of water a day, and pee CONSTANTLY. She was always asking to go outside, or pottying on the floor. We told the vet, and she thought that she might have had a rare disease called Lepto. It comes from drinking water that rodent has peed in. He did blood tests and the Lepto tests came back negative, but her liver and kidney levels were through the roof. She ended up having Diabetes Insipidus(DI), meaning that, like with regular diabetes-you cant have to much sugar, she cant get enough water. The treatment for DI can be expensive, but is worth it. We have to give her unlimited acsess to water, and we had to install a doggy door. We live in a condo, so we dont have a yard, so we put a doggy door that goes into the garage and made a fake grass patch for her. We went to the State Veterinary clinic, and it turns out that our dog is only the 3rd case in our state, which means this type of diabetes is obviously VERY rare, but is something to look into.

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