Puppy Found not sure if she is a Rottweiler

by Liz walker
(North Tustin, CA)

Hi, this may be an unorthodox request, but we recently took in a puppy that was found/rescued in the middle of the desert in an abandoned cabin.

We have had rotties before and when comparing this little girl with my previous female pup, there seem to be some distinct differences.

If I send you some pictures do you think you could provide your opinion?

Many thanks for any insight you could provide.

Kind regards,
Liz Walker

Hi Liz
I could certainly try to help, but it’s very difficult to guess at a puppy’s heritage when you’re right beside them, with photos it’s even trickier.

But, you’re welcome to send me some (just fill in another submission form and upload the photos with it), but also give me some idea of her age/height/weight – photos don’t show size very accurately.

Then I will do my best to help. Other visitors to my site may also want to ‘chip in’ with their opinions.

Regardless of her breed, I hope that this little girl finds a forever home where she’ll be loved and given a second chance at a happy life – whether that is with you, or if you are looking for another suitable home for her.

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