puppy agression in 3 month old Rottie

I got a 3 months rottweiler puppy there is a little problem that repeated several times : when I grab him sometimes he gets aggressive so he snaps and growls and tries to attack me.

Today I got too frustrated and i hit him and locked him in a down position until he submitted and I put confined him alone for half an hour.

He kept whining so i let him out i ignored him and let him out when he stopped was I correct or there is a better way of sending him the message that aggression is unacceptable ????

This sort of discipline may work temporarily with a puppy, but it’s not going to work as your pup gets older and is downright dangerous for you because an adult Rottweiler isn’t going to be pushed around in this way.

In a healthy owner/dog relationship the dog obeys their owner because they love and respect them and there has been a bond established over time and backed up by appropriate training. Using physical force or negative training techniques will reinforce ‘bad’ behavior and Rotties are very intelligent but can be stubborn, which means they may simply choose to ignore you if they don’t respect you.

At 3 months old your pup is still plenty young enough to learn appropriate behavior and you need to discourage his snapping or growling firmly, but with love. A firm “NO” (not shouted and no smacking) in a low voice, and a quick shake of the scruff of the neck should be enough. If necessary, wrap your hand gently around his muzzle while telling him “NO” again, but don’t hit him, and no ‘alpha-rolling’ ever.

Make sure that your pup is getting enough exercise as too much pent-up energy can sometimes overflow into unwanted aggressive or destructive behavior. Also give him plenty of sturdy chew toys to help relieve any stresses. Never ‘grab’ at your pup, all your interactions should be gentle but firm, not jerky or ‘pushy’. Also, teach him the ‘sit’ command and make sure he starts to ‘earn’ his food, treats, toys etc. by asking him to sit (and making sure he obeys) before rewarding him. Dogs respect those who are in control of lifes’ resources, and this a way to show him that you are in control in a way he’ll understand. Check out my Free Puppy Training Tips page for lots of help and advice on training.

I’d strongly recommend that you enroll your pup in a puppy or basic obedience class, as you’ll both benefit from some one-on-one professional help and your pup will get some valuable socialization experience. If you have specific issues the instructor will be able to help you there too.

I hope this helps, and wish you the best of luck with your little guy.

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Aug 21, 2017


Rottweiler puppies NEW
by: Anonymous

NEVER use a choke collar on a puppy. It will instill fear and lack of trust. Most people do not know how to use them properly or when to use them (not continuously) All their training can be accomplished with a regular collar, or even an anti-pull harness which should be used in place of a collar as the puppy matures. A firm command and repetition is the key.

Sep 19, 2016


Firm demand respect NEW
by: Anonymous

When training a new rottie, use a firm low voice, never shout or yell. When your rottie is playing and behaves aggressively with other pets or family, get your lease, preferably with a choke collar, take your rottie by th scruff of the neck and tell them No! Then put him or her in a sit position, put on the leash and collar while facing your pup. Then change your tone to normal and take him or her for a short walk. This distracts them from the incident and confirms that you are the pack leader and have given him a just correction. Never spank, or hit your rottie. If he mouths or nips put your hand around his muzzle and tell hin No! Firmly but in a low voice. Consistency is paramount and teaches respect.

Sep 25, 2015


dog aggressive NEW
by: lobsang

I have a three month old rottie puppy.I took her she she had completed 25days from her mother. In second month I was trying to hold her top but she was trying to bite me while playing..and another incident yesterday was her shower time when I was bathing her she tried to attack me aggressively.once a week I do bath her..so plz advice me?

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