Pup unable to hold his pee around my husband!

by F.Lopez

I have a Rottweiler and he’s a puppy, around 6 months. He isn’t entirely potty trained. However it seems that when my husband gets within 3 feet of him he just pees where he is.

On occasion this will happen to me. Why does the dog do that? It’s like he can’t control his pee but when he plays with my 2 little kids it’s not an issue.

Please help me.

What you’re describing isn’t a potty training issue, so don’t panic. It’s actually a submissive behavior and it’s pretty common in puppies, especially those that are a bit shy, submissive or anxious by nature.

With the right approach your pup will grow out of it as he matures and becomes more self-confident. BUT it’s very important not to scold him or make a big deal out of this as that will make the situation worse – and last longer.

It’s an instinctive behavior that he literally has no control over, so reprimanding him won’t help at all. I’d strongly recommend that you read this webpage… Dog Submissive Urination.

It explains in detail WHY your pup does this, and how to handle it. Once you’ve read it you will feel less worried and know what to do in order to help him overcome this issue.

Best of luck with your puppy.

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