Pregnant Rottweiler

by Nikkie Vessier
(Granbury Tx 76048)

Do Rottweiler’s have generally easy births? Or do they tend to have more complications than other breeds.

This is my/our first little with our Rottweiler and I am a bit nervous. My chihuahua has had one litter in the past but there is a big difference going from a 5 pound dog giving birth to a 90 pound dog giving birth.

Just wondering if there is anything that I need to especially keep my eye on… Thanks!

Hi Nikkie
Small and tiny breeds are often more problematic in terms of whelping than the larger breeds, mainly due to their tiny frames and the delicacy of the pups.

Rottweilers are strong dogs and a healthy, well bred and fit Rottie will normally give birth without much trouble. However, there is always a risk involved with whelping and you need to have your vets’ phone number handy and someone to help you just in case you need to get your dog to the vet, or need physical help.

If she is bonded closely with you and loves and trusts you she should let you be right beside her and help if necessary. However, first time ‘mommas’ can get nervous and scared and you will need to stay calm and try to keep her calm. You know your dog best, so follow your instincts there.

The biggest problem is when a puppy gets ‘stuck’ in the birth canal and that requires veterinary help. Generally once the first pup is born, subsequent pups will appear anywhere between 10 mins and 2 hours apart (usually it’s somewhere around 30 mins to an hour, but all dogs are different). If more than 2 hours pass and your dog is contracting and pushing but no pup is appearing, then you need to get your vets’ help.

As you’ve been with your chihuahua when she gave birth, it will be basically the same thing, just bigger… so you should be pretty familiar with it. The only other problem with big dogs is that they tend to be clumsy and almost unaware of their pups sometimes, leading to puppies being smothered or squashed by their mommas’. Some dogs are excellent, very attentive and careful. Others can be oblivious to their babies squeals. You will need to watch over her and her pups very carefully for a couple of weeks.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your litter.

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Jul 21, 2015


Saphire 2015 Litter NEW
by: Saphire

Saphire, found here: our foundation bitch, is due to whelp in October if all goes well. She has had a couple of false pregnancies so fingers crossed this time. Her mate is the son of a champion who is the son of some great champion of champions in the Rottweiler world so exceptional pups expected.

No mater how careful we look after our brood bitches they will do what they will do.

Jan 25, 2015


Pregnant NEW
by: Rottweilers

My bitch ( Mercedes) seen here: is due on the 8th February 2015.

She is usually a great brood bitch but has been known to have a few difficulties birthing. She can go into shock which is very scary but it usually only lasts a few hours but is quite worrysome. Always keep your Vets number close by.

Feeding more towards the last week is also much appreciated by the bitch as the pups grow so fast then.

Nov 17, 2012


Rottie NEW
by: Fatma

hey i have a female rottweiler and she’s in heat and she got married on her 9th day i think or 8th is she going to be pregnant ? .. i dont know if she got pregnant or not .. and i also i need to know what are the signs in the first weeks or days 😀 .
Thank youu

Sep 29, 2012


Day 58 of pregnancy NEW
by: Jeana

My 3 year old German rott is on day 58 of her pregnancy. She has a white mucus type of discharge. I had a sono done and she has 8 pups. She’s in great health and been wormed. Her temp dropped from 99.7 to 94.8 three days ago and we’ve seen her puppies bouncing around in her tummy. Today she’s very quiet. Can I do anything to make her more comfortable? A bath or something or will that stress her out? Do theater dogs go deliver layer in pregnant? Just a little advice as I am soo excited and nervous for her first litter. She will get fixed after this one. She wanted to be a mommy so bad that 6 months ago she had a false pregnancy and hoarded all the kids stuffed animals as if they were her babies. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have my bet on call and the vet tech is going to help with the delivery.

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