pregnant rottie

by Joshua

I think my little neena(female rott)has grown up , she is 18 months old , and i think she is pregnant, so let me know , The Do’s and Dont’s during pregnancy.

And also i see she is eating a lot of grass and plants after she was bred, will that affect it chances for pregnancy

Hi Joshua
It’s best to prevent a dog from eating trees/plants etc. at any time as there are certain ones that can be toxic, or cause milder tummy upsets.

A pregnant dog doesn’t require a lot of extra care, but you will need to increase her food as the pregnancy progresses and always make sure she has access to fresh water at all times. She will likely be a lot less active as she gets bigger and will prepare a ‘nest’ when she is close to delivery.

I’d recommend having your vet examine her to make sure that she’s healthy and when the time for her whelping comes around you will need to have a vet’s phone number close by in case of emergency. I’d also suggest asking your vet what preparations he would recommend you take to get ready for the puppies arrival.

Best of luck.

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