Prayer Thanks From Angelika

by Sherry
(Eclectic, AL)

Angelika Finally Home

Angelika Finally Home

Angelika made it through the Parvo. I picked her up this morning at the vets’. After 10 days in the hospital, she looks much better than I expected.

She is on bed rest and meds with a special diet (a canned high protein and vitamin stuff from the vet) including some yogurt with tummy bacteria. She does not like the food they want her to eat but I found she will gladly eat plain cooked meat…I am cheating on this and giving her what she will eat and making her take some of the yogurt and other food but have added a liquid vitamin just for dogs and puppies to make sure she is getting the nutrition she needs to recover. I figure what energy she does have is better spent eating than fighting to eat.

We will return to the vet at the end of next week to follow up and give her next booster shot which will be right at her 12 weeks on that Saturday. Please, Please, I cannot stress enough not to skip giving these puppies their shots regularly and not letting anyone bring any puppies around them until they have completed their first series of shots…that means not until after they are 4 months old and had their 4th shot!

Please, please take this very seriously as Parvo is a killer! I have seen it’s ugliness first hand and that is why Angelika was rushed so quickly to the vet. The vet says that the only reason my puppy lived is probably because we were aware that she was exposed and we reacted quickly to keeping her hydrated and trying to calm her stomach until we could get her into the vet within 12 hours of onset. They really could not believe she made it through as sick as she was, but home she is now and the recovery is ahead of her.

Thank you so very much for all the prayers…Prayer does work miracles! Even for animals! I am including a picture of Angelika this afternoon and will post another in about a week to show her progress. Keep those prayers coming. Also, if there are any suggestions for helping her mend, please make them as I do so want to give her the best care I can possibly give her…she has been through so very much these past 10 days.

Sherry… I’ve been watching the updates with fingers crossed and prayers and I am so, so happy to hear that Angelika is finally home. I shed a few tears this morning!!

You are doing everything perfectly, and as long as she’s eating and getting the vitamin paste (I’m assuming it’s something like Nutrical) and is drinking enough, then really all she needs now is rest and loving… and I know she’s going to get those.

I’m not a veterinarian myself, so definitely rely on your vets’ advice first and foremost, but if I were you I’d want to be absolutely sure that she was strong and healthy enough to handle a vaccination before she gets her next booster. Perhaps even have the vaccines themselves given separately, rather than the 5-in-1 combo shot which is generally fine for a healthy pup, but may stress the immune system of one who is weak or not-up-to-par. As long as you are keeping her at home and isolated, waiting another week or two would be unlikely to hurt I would think.

Little Angelika looks tired but happy, and I know first hand that it takes a while for a puppy to build up strength and regain the lost weight, but once she does you’ll never know that she was so sick. She’s a fighter and I’m so happy that she beat the odds, you’re a fighter too and as your vet said, her recovery is in large part down to your quick response to her symptoms. I only wish more people could recognize parvo in puppies and realize the need to act quickly. It would save a lot of little puppy lives I’m sure.

Please keep us updated as she recovers and photos that show her improvement would be great! God Bless and best of luck for a full recovery.

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Jan 21, 2011


by: Girish


so nice to see this thread in the morning dear

its so happy feeling to start the day with such great news.

please do keep posting us her update and do also keep sharing this little cute sweet pies photos with us.

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