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i bought a rottweiler about 2 an a half months ago an i paid 300$ for him. but when i picked him up they gave me no papers for him.

so my question is, is there any way that i can get my own papers for him?

Hi Kim
That depends on whether or not your pups’ parents were registered, and whether the breeder registered the litter.

I’d suggest talking with the breeder and asking them about this as they’re the only ones with the answer I’m afraid.

Your pup is a very handsome boy and although you may think that dogs who are registered are of a better quality that is not always the case. It’s perfectly possible for two purebred Rottweilers who don’t have ‘papers’ to produce great pups who are good representatives of the breed.

Enjoy your pup whether you’re able to get him registered or not. Best of luck with him.

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Jun 27, 2010


by: kim

thank u for the time an tryin 2 answer my question i dont really care 1 way or the other if hes registered or not i was just curious thats all i love my pup regaurdless!!!!!!!!!!!!

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