our ten month male rottweiler


my wife has just written about the pitbull and the other dog and my concern about walking him because i don’t want max around this because I am not sure that those dogs have their shots. That’s why am asking this.

Max holds his ground real good but when i see that one dog i kinda get a little nervous and walk the other way. Is that good for max? He not scared i can see it in him that he’s real strong boy, but is this right to avoid this dog?

Max tries plenty of times to go up to this pitbull but I say ‘no max’ and pull him a little to let him know we going for a walk and i scared that dog away making a strong noise out of my voice, let me now is this right for max.

thank you for letting me understand my rottweiler on the other messages.

Hi Johnny
You’re doing the right thing here. It’s important for Max to understand that you are in charge here and you are guiding his behavior with your own.

I’d just recommend that you continue to do what you’re doing, encourage Max to ignore the other dog and don’t let him think you or your wife are scared or concerned. Be calm and controlled, and simply continue your walk as normal.

If the dogs ever attack then Max will defend you, but you are doing the right thing here and are protecting your own dog from the threat of disease or danger. This other dog shouldn’t be allowed to wander freely as he could get hurt, or hurt another dog or person. If you can you may want to let animal control know about the situation if you can’t contact the dogs’ owner.

You’re being a responsible dog owner and are doing the right thing. Best of luck with Max

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