Our Rotties names

by Sue L
(Queen creek, Arizona)

Baby Boo, momma and daddy too

Baby Boo, momma and daddy too

Baby Boo, momma and daddy too

Gma Nana

Some of the 13 babies

We have 4 rotties in our family (currently)… our daddy’s name is Buddha.

Why? really no reason besides he was meant to be our son’s dog one day and all through his high school wrestling career, our son loved the identity of the Chinese Buddha. So, when we rescued the dog, it fit.

Then we got our momma, we named her Kahlua. Mostly because we already had a female named Kianna (which means Princess and trust me, she is) and so our new pups name needed to end in an “a” too and Kahlua fit!

Well 10 months later when she went into her first heat, Buddha decided to go through 3 windows to take advantage and so we just couldn’t resist keeping a baby…and…from the moment he was conceived, his name became Kabud. he was named after both his mom and dad…Ka-bud!

So, now needless to say, we have daddy Boo, momma Lu, and baby boo too! and don’t forget grandma nana! (Like she would let you lol)

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