our female rotweiller is eating well but not drinking much water

by david
(colchester england)

For the last couple of days our rotweiler has not been drinking much water, but her appetite is good.

She tends to chew everything in sight, wood to shoes, but if anything was stuck in her throat she would not be swallowing her food but when she does gulp her water down too quick she gasps and I have to tell her to slow down..

Hi David
I think this is something you should mention to your veterinarian as it’s impossible for me to guess what is going on.

Any change in behavior like this should be investigated as there’s obviously got to be a reason and this isn’t normal for her.

The fact that she’s eating okay but having more difficulty drinking is odd and only a vet can give an accurate diagnosis because he’ll need to do a ‘hands-on’ exam.

Best of luck and I hope she’s back to normal soon.

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