by nikki

I have import a male rottie puppy for showing and it has only one descended testicle, their vet said he thought he could feel the other one and not to worry until 4 months old.

the rest in the litter have all got there testicles.

What do u think?

Hi Nikki
Most puppies will have both testicles descended by around 8 – 10 weeks, but sometimes it takes longer and I would agree with your veterinarian that there’s no reason for too much concern for another couple of months.

However, as you’ve bought this pup as a potential show dog you will have a problem if the testicle doesn’t descend because that’s a disqualification.

I would be sure to discuss this with the breeder that you purchased the puppy from and check the contract you obtained to see if this eventuality is covered.

I’m assuming that you have already purchased this puppy and that your own veterinarian has examined him and agrees that the second testicle can be felt.

If you haven’t bought him yet, then I would recommend making sure that the contract will cover the eventuality that the testicle doesn’t descend – whether that would be a refund, replacement puppy or whatever would be something that the breeder would probably already have as a routine practice.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your pup.

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