Older Rottie’s Hip Problem

by Bettis
( Florida, USA)

I’ve read and hear a lot about hip problems with larger breed, more specifically Rotties. I have a nine year old Rottie. He received his annual check up about 5 months ago…all was good. Recently, I notice he’s having trouble getting his rear legs under him, turning and moving backwards.

I will take him to his vet, however I’m attempting to get experiences and lessons learned Rott owners.

Is there a treatment/surgery for hip problem on older rotties? What’s to be expected.


Concerned parent

Hi Bettis
At 9 years old your Rottie is the equivalent of a human in his 70’s, at this age some stiffening and difficulty with joints is fairly common.

What you are seeing is most likely arthritic changes which are part of the aging process. There are different supplements and medications that can be used to help with this, and I’d strongly advise discussing it with your veterinarian. He/she will be able to evaluate your dog and give you suggestions as to what you can do to help.

As there doesn’t seem to be pain at this point and if he’s otherwise healthy, this is probably just one of the normal changes you will see as he ages and should be fairly straightforward to deal with.

I wish you both the best of luck.

If any other owners have suggestions for Bettis please feel free to share by using the ‘comments’ feature below :o)

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Feb 13, 2011


Poor hips
by: Martha

My sister-in-law’s St. Bernard mix suffered from hip pain for years. They tried various meds that didn’t help, but now she’s on Metacam, and it’s made a world of difference for her. You may want to ask your vet about that one. Good luck!

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