non fixed male dangerous to children?

I have an 9 month old not fixed male i want him to grow to his full potential, but i have a baby coming in 4 weeks and my girlfriend wants him fixed before the baby comes cause she scared he will harm him.

He has never been aggressive. Any thing i can do or am i all out of luck?

A male who isn’t neutered may be more ‘aggressive’ around other male dogs, especially if there is a female in season somewhere close by – but it won’t make him an aggressive dog in any other way!

Your pup has a good temperament and has never shown any signs of aggression, so there’s no reason to think he’s going to harm your new baby.

As long as you introduce them slowly and always supervise your Rottie when he’s around the baby (this is common sense and applies to ALL breeds), he should be just fine. I’ve raised 6 children with Rottweilers and other breeds and never had a problem.

However, at 9 months old he is definitely old enough to be neutered and there’s no evidence to prove that neutering at 6 months or older will have a negative effect on his growth and development.

There ARE conflicting opinions and studies on this, but from the research I’ve done it seems that any detrimental effects are more likely to occur in puppies neutered before 6 or 8 weeks, not 6 months.

It’s better for him in terms of his health to be neutered, plus it will prevent him from being able to father unwanted litters and should reduce any ‘marking behavior’, the desire to wander, fight with other males etc.

Good luck with both your pup and your new baby.

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Oct 17, 2015

unaltered male dangerous to children? NEW
by: Anonymous

Alter or don’t alter… This all comes down to training. If you go to a purebred dog show, all the dogs are UNaltered. Also, I can guarantee that there are bitches in heat at every show. Are all the unneutered males fighting all over the place? No.

Is it healthier to alter? Well, is it healthier to alter humans? Will castrating teenagers keep them from sneaking out of bedroom windows to meet up with friends? Hormones may play a part in behavior, but training is without a doubt the largest factor in canine behavior. Personally, the worst bites I have received as a dog trainer, were from altered animals.

I also believe that dogs don’t mature if deprived of going through normal puberty. Neuter after 2 years of age and sign up with a professional trainer/behaviorist as soon as you bring your puppy home. It is worth the investment.

May 22, 2012

The kid will be fine NEW
by: Christopher Bayhi

I raised my son, now 15, with personal protection German Shepherds with no problems. We had the same worry as the OP. When we brought our son home, we kept the dogs on a short leash and allowed them to sniff the baby. It was like they knew the baby was a part of me and my wife and was supposed to be there. The dogs were always supervised and the child was never allowed to be alone with the dogs. Those dogs were HIGHLY protective of the baby, acting almost like baby sitters during the toddler years.

As far as getting your boy fixed, Sue is correct. There are conflicting studies as to if getting a large breed dog “fixed” before 12-18 months causes an increase in cancer and other problems. I wouldn’t get a large breed fixed unless it was 12 months old, but that is my personal choice. Discuss this with your vet. Getting them fixed earlier does decrease marking of territory and decrease unwanted litters.

May 19, 2012

diff. opinion 🙂 NEW
by: Girish


I had heard many saying. that when a bitch in heat can change your male rottys nature 🙂

but suprisingly we had a diff. experience

a friend of mine had been to our home with his bitch who was on heat. and rocky was kept tied to balcony grill to control him for any unexpected behavioural change.

that Rotty female on heat was trying to get near my childrens and they too cuatiously trying to touch the rotty female. Rocky start barking and the moment he got released he rather came to scare away the bitch in heat away from my childrens. 🙂 and made himself placed between that rotty female in heat and childrens.

We loved the situation. even a bitch in heat did not made my rocky ready to share love of his family 😀

*Note : Rocky is not neutred. 🙂

May 17, 2012

baby NEW
by: Anonymous

He will be fine! Our rottie was about that age when we had our son, he walked up to him while he was sitting in his bouncy seat & gave him a kiss! They have been best buds since day 1!

May 17, 2012

have FAITH in your boy NEW
by: Vera W.

omg…, don’t you worry about a thing, your boy is going to protect that baby with his life. Don’t fix him just because a baby is on it’s way, have FAITH in your pup :)!!! I raised 4 children and had Rotts since my first born was only a few months old…, they LOVE babies, they are part of the pack from the day you bring them home, and none of my boys was ever fixed!!!

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