new puppies socialization problem with resident dog

Hi I just brought 2 rottweiler puppies to my household the problem is I have an old Belgian Malinois which is very dog aggressive. how to socialize them and make them like each other without fights now or in the future?

The problem is that the Malinois cannot be trusted with them without a muzzle, is there a way that i can make him accept them without difficulties he’s not neutered by the way and will both males fight for dominance issues in the future when the male rottie grows up?

By the way i’m not intending to neuter any of them ?

When a new puppy is introduced into a home with an older, resident dog, there is almost always some squabbling. But with an older dog who is territorial and/or aggressive the situation can be very tricky.

Making sure that you treat the older dog as the ‘alpha’ and always give him attention, food etc. before the puppies, can help strengthen his position in your ‘pack’ and maybe help reduce any jealousy.

You say you’re not planning on neutering either of your male dogs, but that could most definitely lead to conflict later on, and with two dogs as big and strong (and with the guarding instincts) as Rottweilers and Malinois, it could be extremely serious.

If you can’t trust the older dog with the pups, never leave them together unsupervised, and use a muzzle until you feel that he’s accepted them. Always have another person to help you when you have them altogether and the Malinois isn’t muzzled, so that you can separate them if need be. Two dogs fighting is usually manageable by two people, but once you have three dogs the ‘pack instinct’ kicks in and the fights tend to ‘ramp up’ and are more difficult to break up.

I would seriously consider neutering one, if not both, of your males as that will help. If you have two un-neutered male and a female who isn’t spayed, the potential for disaster is huge at the best of times.

I’d recommend that you check out this page Introducing A New Puppy, as it has lots of general tips and advice on how to integrate a new puppy into your home. However, in your situation you’re going to need to be more vigilant, and extremely careful and patient.

Obedience training for all 3 dogs is also vital, so that they respect and obey you, as their ‘alpha’.

I wish you the best of luck with everything.

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