new “pup” to our home after just 1 owner

by Crystal

We are adopting a 1 year old female rottie. She has only been with this lady and her family since birth and I’m wondering how she may react to coming to a new home.

She was raised in a home with 4 children, and we have 3. I see SOME similaries to her previous living condition and her soon to be new one, but I would just like an idea, if you can give me some insight, on what to expect bringing her into our home.

We do want to play with her a bit in her own environment with her previous owner so we aren’t complete strangers taking her… but do you know of anything else I can do to make her feel more comfortable through this transition?

Hi Crystal
You’re already on the right track, by thinking and planning ahead and by introducing yourselves to to her in her current, and familiar, environment. That’s excellent.

At 1 year old she is still a puppy, albeit it a teenager rather than a baby. As you have children, it’s good that she’s been brought up with them and should minimize any child/dog issues.

Obviously it will be upsetting and worrying for her to lose the only home she’s ever known, regardless of how great or how loving her new home will be. There will most definitely be an adjustment period for everyone. Your Rottie may be quieter and more subdued than normal for the first few days/weeks, but will gradually become more like herself as she learns to feel comfortable in her new home and a bond develops between her and her new family. Let her set the pace and just be patient and loving with her, don’t push or overwhelm her with love/attention, she will do better if she has space and time to adjust.

I’d try to find out what her regular daily routine is and her likes/dislikes/habits etc. so that you can keep continuity as much as possible. This will help her to feel secure and minimize anxiety and homesickness.

Given time, patience and love I think you’ll find your new pup will soon fit into your family comfortably and your lives will be richer for her company. Best of luck.

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