new 18 month rottweiler – is she purebred?

hello,i just got a female rottweiler, which looked 100% rottweler someone who has had a rottweiler notice some dark brown a little around her ears,and even a little brown/gray behind her neck a little when you run your fingers through her coat.

i contacted the person a got her from and they assure me they purchase her as a pure breed rottweiler.

please can you give me some insight,your opinion.

Thank you.

Firstly, the only way you can be CERTAIN that a dog is purebred (and this applies to any breed) is if the dog has registration papers from the AKC or a similar organization. Without those, there are no guarantees, period.

However, what you’re describing with her coat doesn’t mean that she’s not purebred. Rottweilers have an undercoat which is softer and can be either grey or tan/rust. That is most likely what you’re seeing. In areas where the top coat is less dense (such as behind the ears) the undercoat may show through.

Of course, this doesn’t mean she IS purebred either, as I said earlier, only genuine registration papers can ‘prove’ that, and even then unscrupulous people can work around it, although it’s not something that happens often. In some circumstances DNA testing is possible, but again that’s not something that is a regular occurence.

Hope this helps. Best of luck with your dog.

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