Neutering a male rottie

by kam

hey again,

I am just wondering whether i should neuter my 14 week old male rottie?

I know it’s early now, so my question is… is neutering him (6 month) good or bad?

Hi Kam
Although there are some conflicting ideas about this, general opinion from veterinarians and other animal health professionals indicates that neutering (or spaying) a pup before 6 months of age is beneficial health-wise.

It protects them from a variety of reproductive order conditions. With a male it can also help reduce the chances of him ‘spraying or marking’ his territory by lifting his leg (your home furnishings and carpets will really appreciate this!). It can also reduce male-to-male aggression and the desire to wander off or chase after females in season.

I’d personally recommend having your pup neutered sometime before he reaches 6 months old. I’d also suggest discussing it all with your own veterinarian as individuals vets may prefer a certain time-frame or have other considerations.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your pup.

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Aug 07, 2016


Neutering a Roteellet NEW
by: Anonymous

My son has a 3 year old alpha male Rotweiller who is aggressive towards other people. He was so bad when we got him that my son sent him away for 6 weeks of professional training. We don’t let him interact with people he doesn’t know. He also growls when petted even though he nudged your hand to do so.
Would neutering him calm him down?
This isn’t the first Rotweiller we have had. Our last one was also male and just the sweetest dog ever.
Any suggestion? I’ve heard that neutering will calm him down, is this true.
We love Max but he’s intimidating. Can you make any suggestions?

Jul 26, 2016


Neuter NEW
by: Melanie

I have a male Rottweiler and he’s almost 2 years old. I heard neutering makes them sad? He’s a good dog and I don’t want to neuter him nor ever mate him, Can you please give me some advise that will point me in the right direction. Thanks

Jul 04, 2013


Don’t neuter until after 1 yr NEW
by: Anonymous


I’ve researched this myself since I have a male rottweiler. It’s better not to neuter a male until after the age of 1. I have read that neutering them before that quadruples the chance of developing bone cancer which is one of the leading causes of deaths in rotties. The hormones needed for your rottweiler to grow to its full size are also eliminated if they are neutered before they are fully grown. You can read up on cons of neutering your dog in Ted kerasote’s book pukkas promise or research it. If your a responsible owner and keep watch of your dog then you can avoid such things as roaming and unwanted litters Which is what I think most people who push for early neutering are mainly hoping to accomplish. my male rottie is 16 months. We are going to neuter him by the end of the summer. He has no aggression problems and is a well rounded healthy dog. We’ve decided to neuter him bc we travel from time to time and he is not allowed to play with the other dogs at his kennel since he is not neutered.

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