Neutered my 1 year old boy and now am concerned about his growth

by emilio
(Albuquerque nm)

Hi I have a 13 month old boy I neutered him because the city kept insisting on it.

I unfortunately did not do my research until after and now concerned that he might not grow properly (to his full potential) the breeder told me that his head might stay small and he might be short because of the neutering… I need help.

Is there anything I can give him to help him grow to correctly. . Food, supplements any suggestions please. . Thank you I’m just worried!

Hi Emilio. First of all don’t panic, I’m not sure what age you neutered your pup at, but regardless it will not make him a ‘miniature’ Rottweiler or affect his health negatively.

It’s possible he may not grow to be quite as big as he would have done if he’d been neutered after 8 – 9 months, but that’s by no means a certainty.

Height, weight, bone structure and head shape are mostly determined by genetics – not by diet or supplements.

The best thing you can do is to make sure your pup is getting a premium diet, plenty of exercise, proper veterinary care, regular positive training, and lots of love. Given these five things he will grow up to be a happy, healthy and confident dog who will make you proud.

If he is a couple of centimeters shorter, or a few pounds lighter, than he may otherwise have been, that won’t change his temperament, quality or worth. Plus, there is NO WAY to know how big he may have been if you had neutered him later, it’s possible it won’t change anything!

So, relax. Take good care of your dog, love him and cherish him, and enjoy every minute of being with him. Rottweilers are awesome dogs, and that is NOT because of their size or what’s on the outside, it’s because of WHO they are on the inside.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your pup. ~ Sue

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