Need help curbing Rottweiler who loves to lick

I have a big licker (on people). Can anyone advise anything to help break this.

It is very annoying especially when company is over. He is 16 months old and very well behaved/trained otherwise.

Some dogs do love to lick, and yes it can be a bit tricky if he’s doing it excessively… many visitors don’t appreciate that too much!

It can become a bit of an obsessive type of behavior so I’d definitely recommend that you discourage this as much as possible. As far as I know though there’s no magic tip that will stop him, it’s more a case of constant and consistent corrections.

Tell him ‘no lick’ firmly (but lovingly, he’s showing affection!) and gently push his muzzle away. If he keeps coming back, use the ‘muzzle wrap’ that I recommend to stop puppy nipping. Basically you wrap your hand gently around his muzzle and hold his mouth closed for a few seconds while repeating the verbal correction. As your pup is well behaved and trained, he will understand what you’re demonstrating and it should help.

If he loves to lick your hands/arms, you could try spraying yourself with the bitter apple spray used to deter puppy nipping. Then when he goes to lick he’ll get a mouthful of the bitter taste, it may deter him and give this habit a chance to die down. Of course your visitors probably won’t want to be sprayed with it, so use the other technique with them 🙂

When you do tell correct him, follow it up immediately by redirecting his attention to something he is allowed to do. A special, favorite or extra-tasty chew toy is a good choice and should help him to forget about the licking for a few minutes.

It will take time, patience and consistent effort because this has now become a habit, but he’s still plenty young enough to learn so with time you should be able to help him un-learn this behavior.

Hope this helps, best of luck. I LOVE the photo 🙂

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Mar 15, 2012

lick.lick.lick.. NEW
by: Judy

I too have a licker at 14 months..She is getting better and now I only have to say it once and she stops.The only thing I can suggest is what Sue said.I say ‘no lick’ ‘no lick lick lick’ and repeat over and over.I think just repetition and time but stay consistant and tell others what to say also..good luck they are so when I want her to lick her chops after drinking I say ‘lick,lick,lick’and she they know..good luck:)

Feb 28, 2012

cant stop that 😀 NEW
by: girish

i experince when i visit home after break

how my rotty jump on me , dancing all around
wagging the tail oops. rather wagging the whole bums :d

and when I hug licking madly.
I hug him tight not giving him space to get on me till his excitement reduce.

but honestly. i dont see anything other than his pure love for me in whatever he do 😀

yes he dont try to show all this with any guest. these special drama only for family members

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