need for deworming regularly

by Joshua
(Trichy, India)

Will play an important role in the dogs weight?

what does deworming does?

If deworming is not done what will happen?

How often deworming should be done for a 14month

Will deworming causes the bitches to get on heat?

Hi Joshua
I’d recommend that you read my Canine Worms page as it should have most of the information you need to answer your questions.

In general worms rob your pup of the nutrition he should get from his food, they can also cause internal bleeding. Some worms such as Heartworms can cause severe heart damage and death. ANY worm infestation left untreated has the potential to kill your puppy.

Deworming a female pup or dog will not cause her to have her heat cycle, they are independent of each other. If a pup has been dewormed at least 3 times between the age of 7 and 16 weeks, after that an annual deworming should be enough. However, parasite prevention treatments should be used to make sure the pup doesn’t have fleas (which cause tapeworms), or pick up hookworms etc. Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes and using a monthly heartworm preventative is a MUST.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your pup.

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Apr 03, 2012


Deworming and diarrhea NEW
by: Marvin

Hello just wanted to say firstly that i like your website. Its informative and very resourceful.

I recently purchased a rottweiller puppy, a female. I notice that the owner could not feed the pups properly as for their known weight class and body size these pups were lacking. I however got them immunized and their first deworming at 6 weeks old. I started researching different feeding regiments and i tried a raw meal diet with the puppu, however I partially cooked the meat, add a little vegetable and an egg. The puppy loved it and its only 2 days and I could see improvement in its play and energy level. My issue is that on the second day I notice the pup who I call Smirnoff because she came in this box. Passed some black diarrhea that smelled horrible. I was wondering if this would pass or if its the worming out working. are if its because I fed her partially cooked liver so this has blacked her stool. I need some advised. Also I want to continue the worm out treatment of the pup should I stop after her one worm out which was like about January or should I continue with the worm out. Also Can I use another medicine seeing that the time has passed since she took the Vets worm out.

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