naughty rottie

by priscilla
(houston texas)

i have a 10 month old rottie named max. he’s getting to a point where he just wants to hump on our legs and i’m doing the best i can to control it but he still does it.

any advice you can give me on trying to stop him from doing this?

Hi Priscilla
This is pretty normal for an adolescent male and it’s often as much about dominance as it is about sex!

If he hasn’t been neutered then I’d definitely recommend doing that as it will not only help with this problem, and control overly aggressive tendencies and the desire to roam, but also provides very important protection from many health conditions which affect the reproductive system.

When he ‘humps’ your leg or whatever, it’s important to correct him verbally with a firm “NO”, then remove him from the object of his affection and redirect his attention to a toy or bone – something he will focus on. Do this EVERY single time he starts in with this behavior.

If you can break the habit enough times he will eventually stop doing it. But it needs consistence and patience and will take time.

Hope this helps. Best of luck.

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