my seven month old is so stuborn

by gordon vassallo

We presently have a seven month female Rottweiler,she was born in a barn and lived there separate from mom and dad on site for six months.

When we brought her home she was so good,very well behaved and I think she was just happy to be in a warm loving home. we have had her in a routine and on a schedule. She was house trained and seemed to be learning fairly quickly . She seemed to be afraid of all the new sounds of being in the city and being around other people and it took her awhile to get comfortable being around other dogs, she seemed to be scared of them.

Now the last few days it seems or feels like she’s being very stubborn with commands that we give her and she just looks at us or almost ignores us. we usually take her out to eliminate in the same area and tonight we went for a long walk to the store without going to where she usually eliminates and she went pee but no poop, and when we came home she pooped right in the living room on the carpet. this was the first time she did that. should we have taken her to her usual spot before coming in?

The other question I have is how do we get her attention, and get her to stop being so stubborn? She has been so good so far but seems to be stubborn more more. would this have something to do whether in need of her six month shot?

Can you please help us? Gord

Hi Gordon
Overall it sounds as though your Rottie is doing incredibly well considering the very limited life she’s had for the first 6 months and all the changes she’s been through in the last month! It may be that you’re just expecting a little too much of her.

For a pup who spent 6 months isolated from other people, animals and environments she’s adapted extremely well to all the new experiences and shown that she has a sound temperament. It’s pretty normal for a pup to be a bit quiet and very amenable for the first week or two in a new home, it’s an adjustment period for them. After that they start to feel more confident and their personality starts to shine. This is a good thing and means that she has accepted you as her family and her new environment as her home, and I’m sure it’s much better than the one she had before!

At 7 months old she’s still a puppy, but she’s an adolescent pup, more like a teenager, and that stage can be challenging in any breed. Testing the limits, wanting to be independent, trying to find their place in the family (and the world in general) – these are all familiar human teenage behaviors, and dogs pretty much act the same way.

Rotties are very intelligent and learn quickly, but they can be stubborn and pushing them can make them push back! Be loving, but firm and consistent in your training and keep to a predictable routine for her. Don’t allow her to act out, but don’t ever use harsh or loud punishments. This is a stage she is going through, probably made a bit more troublesome because it coincides with such big changes for her, but she’s proven herself to be good natured, sound pup and you’ll all weather this stage successfully given some time and patience.

I doubt anything you are seeing is related to her vaccination schedule, but as you have only just got her I would definitely make sure she’s had all the necessary shots, Parvo in Rottweiler puppies is a killer and you need to make sure she’s properly protected.

As she’s never been housetrained before, it will take her some time to become totally reliable and I’d recommend using a crate to help with the whole process if she will tolerate one. Being that she may never have been crated it may be a bit difficult at first, but unless it terrifies her she will likely accept it after a few sessions. Do try to take her to the spot she’s designated as her potty spot whenever you go outside, at least for now. This is all so new to her and she’s trying to figure it out, if you keep changing things up on her she’ll get confused and will take a step backwards in her progress.

Just give her lots of time, patience and be consistent and I think you’ll find she’ll do just fine. She’s fortunate to have a new, loving home and I know she’ll be a big part of your family.

I wish you all lots of luck!

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Jan 21, 2012

Stuborn Rottie NEW
by: L.Musey

Yes the more comfortable they feel with you the more they think they control you. As they get older they think they own you. The key is not do have aggresion, I know this is hard when dealing with a stuborn pup or adult. But when you have to put them in their place do it with confidence, never anger! The key is to make sure they know you are incharge but with the type of confidence a mother dogs displays with her pup, a no-nonsense approach. Find a word or a trigger that you feel comfortable with, feel confident with and use it when ever you need to get attention. I use the finger snap followed by a finger point. They both stop, look at me and sit. They were by no stretch easy to train and still require constant direction. But my girl is huge 3 years and about 85 pounds, I am 5 foot and 115. I had to be in control and it worked!

Jan 15, 2012

Stubborn is their middle name NEW
by: Drea

Welcome to the world of Rottweilers!! My pup is currently 9 months & still looks & acts like I’m crazy most days when I ask her to do something, unless food is the motivator!! I keep telling my husband, by the time she reaches 18 months & we ask her to do something & she does it, we are going to be the shocked ones!! Rotts are known for their stubborness, you have to be more stubborn!! It will all work out, just be patient, easier said then done, I know!! Good Luck, sounds like your doing wonderful with her so far!!!

Jan 13, 2012

can anyone help,with this question? NEW
by: Anogordnymous

Does anyone know why our puppy nibbles on us,almost like she’s grooming us.thanks!

Jan 13, 2012

i have another question! NEW
by: gordon

Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to reply back,I just wanted to say that after a few days of getting princess home we bought a crate and left the door open and she went in almost right away, and the first night she whinned for a bit but then made herself little bed with her blanket and went to sleep.we have never made her go in there when she is bad or in trouble.she seems to really like it in there and has no problem staying in there when we have to go out or have gone to bed. There is one thing that I think I need to correct and that is to stop being loud when she has gotten into trouble or when she is being stubborn. All in all though, princess has been a wonderful puppy.sometimes I get frustrated because whenever I tell her to come, she just stands there and looks at me really stupid,and I know she understands me because she has learned how to sit,and lie down, and even shake a paw! We can tell she is a very smart dog but sometimes I think she is seeing how far she can go.will she just keep being stubborn more and more thanks again,gord

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