My rottweilers’ coat is changing colour

by Geraldine

hi, i have a rottweiler she’s just gone 1 yr old. Her fur was pure black but i have noticed it having a brownish colour through it recently.

we have had quite a few sunny days this summer and she like to lie in the sun. I know that would cause it, but is there any way to get rid of it or will that stay like it please let me know as its on my mind a lot.


Hi Geraldine
I’m not sure if the sun would cause this sort of discoloration in a Rottweilers’ coat. We have very long, hot summers here and I’ve never noticed it happen with my dogs…. although admittedly it’s too hot for them to be lying in the sun for long most days. I guess it’s possible as that happens with human hair, but I’m not certain.

There are other possibilities for the change in color of your Rotties’ coat. It could be that she’s starting to get her undercoat in now in preparation for the changing seasons and colder weather. Although the color of a Rottweilers’ undercoat is generally gray, it can also be a tan/red color. Perhaps that’s showing through and that’s what you’re seeing?

Or it could be that your dog carries a gene that produces red coats, or at least a red tint to the coat. In the late 1800’s Rottweilers came in a wider variety of colors, and red was an accepted coat color. Some of these genes occasionally produce ‘red’ Rottweilers even today, but it’s rare when two purebred dogs are bred – although possible. You can read more about this on my ‘Rare’ Rottweilers page.

Whatever the reason I wouldn’t worry about it too much, as depending on what’s causing this color change it may just disappear. Or if not, as long as you’re not showing her in conformation, there’s no reason to be concerned as she’s still a Rottweiler and a beautiful, wonderful dog I’m sure.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your dog.

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Jun 12, 2017


Darker brown/rust/mahogany NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi Geraldine, have you figure out any way to help your Rottweiler grow a darker brown coat? I heard the type of food helps. I’m trying to do the same

Apr 16, 2017


Diabetic dog NEW
by: Alex

Hi my Rottweiler has diabetes and has a coat that is turning a brownish reddish color. She has a brother too that does not have diabetes and does not have a brownish reddish coat. Any thoughts on what it is?

Apr 02, 2017


Markings NEW
by: Keylo

I have a 8mths rottie and her brown markings isn’t really dark is there something I can do to get them to darken up on her chest and paws

Oct 29, 2016


3 month old puppy NEW
by: clinton

hi,i have a male rottweiler 3 month old and he’s perfectly fine but i can see a change above his both the eye having small brown circle has just got little big.
im totally worried him now.please tell what is it?


Jul 25, 2016


Natural NEW
by: Sara

The best diet is what he would have in nature when food is plentiful. Dogs need raw meat, skin, organs, bones and a small amount of veggies as they eat the stomach contents of their prey. Eggs are very good as well. You must not feed your dog just meat as it is not a complete diet. Also if they can have a variety of animal sources that is best.

Dec 14, 2012


Hope to know, for sure, soon NEW
by: karen

My Rottie is doing the same thing. I believe it is due to winter coming, but she has a vet appt Monday, so I plan to ask. I will let you know what they say.

Nov 02, 2012


natural food for healthy and beautiful rott pupy NEW
by: shayan


i live in pakistan we dont have good commercial foods available here…

i give my Tornado a natural diet…
like meat, milk, yogurt, vegs, fruits, loaf, bread…
he is 2.5 months
but his fur is getting dull…

plz help me…
he is very Beautiful baby…
i want to make him a super Dog….

so what a healthy diet should give him????

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