my rottweiler seems to have pain in the tall?

by aaron
(london england)

hi my rottweiler dog is 8 and he has been a bit down for a week or 2. he still likes his food but when i move his tail from side to side he feels pain and cries and he does not seem to have his tall up no more.

do you think he needs his glands doing he has never had them done or do you think this could be some sort of hip problem? many thanks.


Hi Aaron
It’s impossible for me to say what could be causing your Rotties’ pain I’m afraid, and he really needs to be evaluated by your veterinarian just as soon as possible.

I personally think that it’s unlikely the pain in his tail is related to his hips, but of course it’s possible. It could also be a spinal/vertebrae problem, arthritic changes and so on. Again, unlikely it’s his anal glands as this would be a very unusual symptom, but anything’s possible.

Just have your vet take a look at him and I’m sure they’ll be able to figure it out…. and if treatment is needed it can get taken care of. Best of luck, hope he’s doing better soon.

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Jul 24, 2010


by: aaron

ok many thanks .

Jul 22, 2010


ok many thanks
by: Anonymous

i will be taking him vet thanks again

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