My Rottweiler runs from me if he can.

Hello My name is Stephanie- I am a 42 yr old woman that is short (5ft) not thin and I have a soft voice.

I have a 3 1/2 yr old male rottie named Marino. It is just he and I. He is 120lbs. He’s a pretty big boy. I can not “break” or get him to stop running. He runs every chance he gets. If he can make it out the door or gate he is gone. When i go after him he will look back to see if i am there and he will let me get within 12 or so feet and he darts. He knows that he can out run me and does not seem to be threatened.

He will go to a stranger- so that is my best hope in catching him. Otherwise– he will come home– after a few hours– or i have picked him up at the pound 3 different times–costing me more than $400 in fines.

The times when a stranger has grabbed him for me he will act as though he knows he is in trouble– he pins ears and will drop his head — but the next opportunity — gone again.

He is still intact and not fixed–he so pretty i may want to breed him— not sure yet. Please help what can i do. Also he is somewhat trained– not great but some.

Hi Stephanie
I think your basic problem here is that Marino isn’t properly trained, and he hasn’t learned to respect your authority. A dog doesn’t obey you because he knows you’re stronger physically, but because he understands that you have more authority than him. Marino doesn’t feel that way.

I strongly suggest that you get him enrolled in a basic obedience class and start from there. Although he’s an adult, he’s still perfectly capable of learning new behavior – it will just take him longer. You need some one-on-one help to learn how to become the ‘alpha’ in this relationship (and that doesn’t involve using harsh punishments or a loud voice). Rotties respond best to loving but firm authority.

The ‘come’ command (aka the ‘recall’) is the hardest command to teach and the last one a dog wants to obey! It takes a lot of time, practice and patience. For now you are going to need to make sure that Marino can’t get out of your home or your yard. Sooner or later he’s going to get hurt or in trouble if he keeps running away.

I’d also strongly advise you to have him neutered. It will help to eliminate the times he runs away because he’s chasing after a female in season. Just because he’s a nice looking dog that doesn’t mean you should breed him. Unless he’s a show-stopper with an excellent pedigree, and you have an equally fine female to mate him to, it will be better to have him neutered.

Get him started in training asap and you should be able to begin to improve his behavior. Best of luck.

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