my rottweiler puppy is too hyper and active

hi i got my rottweiler from a good breeder at 9 weeks old, she is very good girl but she can be quiet hyper sometimes, will she grow out of this?

i have had a male rotti before he was a gentle giant but i lost him to cancer when he was 4 he wasn’t like her hyper wise, but she is in training school.

is there something i could do to calm her down when she is on a hype?

Your little girl is just a puppy, and pretty young at that, having a lot of energy and periods of ‘hyper’ behavior (often in the evening) are classic puppy behaviors. Personally I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

Rottweilers aren’t high-energy dogs as adults (in general, there’s always the exception and ‘working dog lines’ tend to be more active than some others), but as puppies they are like every other breed.

Your other Rottie may just have been a very laid-back kinda guy, or perhaps you’ve just forgotten what he was like at such a young age?

I’d strongly recommend making sure that your pup is getting enough exercise on a daily basis, and has plenty of tough dog toys to use up his energy on. There’s a lot of truth to the saying ‘a tired puppy is a good puppy’!

It’s great that she’s already enrolled in dog obedience classes, that will definitely help and will give you a chance to get some hands-on help with any puppy behavior issues you may have. Do work with her at home too on a daily basis and be consistent and loving in all interactions with her. You can see my Free Puppy Training Tips page for lots of advice on this.

As she gets older and more mature (but remember Rottweilers are slow to mature in general and she won’t be considered an adult until at least 18 months to 2 years of age), she will most likely become more sedate and less hyper-active.

For now just appreciate and enjoy the time she has as a puppy and be creative in finding ways for her to use up that energy. She is probably a very intelligent little girl and the more ways you can find for her to be active (both mentally and physically) the happier you’ll both be.

One point to bear in mind when exercising her is that you don’t want to put too much strain on those growing joints – so no jumping or pounding on hard surfaces such as concrete etc.

Best of luck with her.

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Mar 14, 2017


Natural remedies NEW
by: Anonymous

My young male Rottweiler is the most hyperactive one I’ve had (I’ve had 7 of them over the years) & our Vet diagnosed him as very hyper. I found out that giving him Vetalogica Canine Tranquil tablets each morning works heaps. They contain Tryptophan, a naturally occurring product in high-protein dog foods, which converts into Serotonin, a brain chemical which calms an animal. Also Bach has a product called Rescue Remedy, which has flower essence extracts. You can safely give it to your dog as often as needed, no side effects. And yes, it does works wonders. I had nearly given up on our destructive pup, & was wondering what to do. Now he’s still active, but no more jumping up, no fighting his leash while being trained, and obeys commands easily. It’s saved my sanity.

Dec 20, 2016


Hyper Rottie puppy NEW
by: Anonymous

Exercise is the key. Wear their little tush out and they are a lot calmer.

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