My rottweiler is very weak after Parvo treatment


My six month old dog had parvo and was treated successfully. during the treatment he became very very weak and even after treatment he is not gaining weight.

Although he eats well and i am also giving him vitamins and minerals as per my vet instruction but he is still not gaining weight,He eats a lots of soil.

He is also not very active. CAN you help me.

Hi Abid
As I’m sure you know, Parvo in puppies is very serious, and your pup is most definitely a lucky boy to have survived.

The most acute stage of Parvo usually lasts somewhere between 7 and 10 days, sometimes up to 2 weeks, and if a puppy or dog survives that then he will most likely make a full recovery – however it will be slow and take time. It can actually take a couple of months for a pup to regain weight and energy, this is normal.

He will need a very nutritious diet and lots of rest, after that it’s just a matter of time. Luckily there are generally no long-term effects from Parvo and your pup will make up the lost weight and his energy will return, but his body needs time to build up strength again.

Hope this puts your mind at rest, I wish you the best of luck with your pup.

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Jul 22, 2012


parvo in rottweiler NEW
by: affaq

my dog is 7 month old he is suffring from parvo his daily treatment is giong on with full care. nw he just diong blood motions 4 or 5 time a day since last 24 hours. he lost wieght and having dehydration. can u plz suggest me any thing???

May 09, 2011


by: Anonymous

My Pitbull Puppy Chevy II contacted Parvo and almost died but the Animal hospital saved him with fluids and meds and a huge bill! Hes never been the same since . He acts so weak sometimes like he can barely walk . Other times jumpin , playing and being a normal Puppy . Wondered if the Parvo made him this way ? Will he ever be back like he was ? Dont worry , just be glad hes alive ? I choose # 3 so thats how I am gonna look at it , anyone agree ? I will always Love him , he even flew out my truck door during a crash . We got t- boned he went out on the 3rd spin . I hope his adult life is better ! Thanks Jerry Lee … Charleston , SC …

Mar 23, 2011


4 mo old rotti mix survived Parvo
by: Oswald

I just wanted to put this out there to give owners with parvo puppies hope. As our pup went throught the ringer I read everything I could find. I appreciate those who post. Especially the success stories.

4 mo old male 3/4 Rotti. 44 lbs Previous given 7 in 1 home vaccination. Brought him home monday. To the Vet on Wed where he was diagnosed with whipworm and was given dewormer and vaccinations.

Vomiting started early thursday morning with watery clear diarhea several hour later. He became extremely lethargic friday evening and stayed that way until sunday evening. Diagnosed with Parvo Saturday morning and given IV fluids, anti biotics and somthing to settle his stomach. We then gave him 150 ml subcutaneous fluids at home twice on saturday and sunday. On monday he started eating and drinking on his own. On tuesday hes acting like a pup again. Tuesday morning he weighed 39.5 lbs. He has developed a cough. I’m sure he caught kennel cough with his weak immune system. Total bill was around $650. It should have been closer to $300 but the vet misdiagnosed it at first and ran a bunch of unnecessary testing.

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