my rottweiler is 15 and he lost to much weight

by Jake

my rottweiler is 15 and you can see his hip bones and his ribs i know it’s not healthy but i just need a couple of questions.

he will look at you like he’s just dazzing into space. i’ve had him since i was 1 in about half i’m 16 now and i’m worried about him, and he eats like crazy but he doesn’t gain weight. he has a lump on top of his ear and every now and then it’ll pop off.

he’s energetic most of the time but he’s always bugging to drink water and i’m just asking for advice.

thanks Jake

Hi Jake
At 15 years old your Rottweiler is really a very old man and it’s not unusual for elderly animals (or people) to lose weight, both muscle and fat.

However, it sounds as though he’s more hungry, and more thirsty, than normal and I strongly recommend that you have him examined by your veterinarian as soon as you can.

It sounds as though he’s doing well overall for an old dog, but there may be some underlying health issues that need to be taken care of. Only a vet can make an accurate diagnosis of that and recommend treatment if necessary.

There are special dog foods made for older dogs and they have a specific ratio of nutrients to help them stay strong and healthy. You may also want to look at some of these.

A check up is first on the list for your dog though so please get him an appointment as soon as you can.

Good luck and I hope he stays healthy for some time to come.

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Old Rottie NEW
by: Sandy

I have a rottie also and she is 17 years old in July.She has the same symptoms as your dog.She has arthritis but the vet gives her injections and I give her Metacam if I think she needs it.I feed her more regularly but still can’t put weight on her.I give her all soft food oxtail soup is like complan for a dog.She has a tumour but is too old to put her through an operation.She is in great form,she still follows the ball and always greets me in the mornings.She sleeps all day she is a very happy dog but when I feel she has stopped being happy I know what I must do…Good luck with your dog hope he is happy for a long time

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15yr old Rottie NEW
by: Debby Kendall

You are so blessed to have him live this long so it shows you took good care of him. Please get him to a Vet ASAP he could have worms & this thing on his ear could be cancer. I wish you luck God Bless Him.

Nov 13, 2011

Under Weight NEW
by: Anonymous

It sounds to me that he may have a tapeworm. This is common problem when dogs feel always hungry & thirsty. Your dog can starve to death without realizing it. You will need to worm him. Read the packet to make sure that it kills tapeworms and every other nasties.

Had a friend i once went over and i noticed that her dog was quite underweight. So i told her to get a tape worming medication and within a week and half he went back to his weight. Tapeworms are nasty whenever your dog eats it goes straight into the tape worm, so practically you dog does not feel full because this thing eats whatever he eats.

Nov 12, 2011

Hi Jake NEW
by: Anonymous

That’s a grand old age for a rottie! Just shows how well you’ve been taking care of him. 😉

A simple question, when last did you deworm him? Worms can really take it out of an animal, particularly an older dog. I agree, take him to the vet to be checked out and ask about deworming anyway, it’s easy to overlook the obvious.

Good luck! Let us know, OK? :))

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